Six Underwear Mistakes That Are Bad for Your Health

October 2, 2015

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  You've been wearing underwear wrong your whole life.  Here are six underwear mistakes you might be making, and the health problems they cause. 1.  It's too tight.  It can cause chafing.  And Spanx can actually be DANGEROUS if it's too tight.  It can lead to pinched nerves and decreased circulation.  And since it's more… Read More

Four Ways Your Underwear Can Affect Your Health

January 20, 2015

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Tighty-whities turn 80 years old today.  A company in Chicago started selling them on January 19th, 1935.  Before that, guys mostly wore boxer shorts, long underwear, or nothing.  Here are four ways your underwear can affect your HEALTH.   1.  Fertility.  You've probably heard that tighty-whities can affect a guy's sperm count.  And studies HAVE… Read More