The Top 10 Lies Parents Tell Kids

November 16, 2016

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This is the time of year when you can get a LOT of mileage out of reminding your kids that Santa is watching them.  Of course, deep down you know the truth.  And to any kids listening, the truth is . . . yeah, he's totally watching. A new survey found the top 10 LIES… Read More

The 10 Things People Shoplift the Most During the Holidays

November 3, 2016

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We're entering the holiday shopping season . . . and apparently that also means we're entering holiday SHOPLIFTING season too.  How festive of us. A new study found the top 10 things people STEAL during the holiday season.  Check 'em out . . .     1.  Electronics accessories, like cell phone cases.   2. … Read More

The 10 Ways Couples Make Each Other Crazy in the Car

November 1, 2016

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FULL STORY:  Part of being in a relationship is spending a LOT of time together in a car.  And part of being in a car together is HATING being in a car together. A new survey found the 10 biggest ways couples make each other CRAZY when they're driving.  Check 'em out . . .… Read More

The 10 Minor Crimes People Are Most Likely to Commit

October 26, 2016

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  We're all criminals and apparently NO ONE feels bad about it.   A new survey found the minor crimes that people are most likely to commit . . . and you'll probably have NO PROBLEM admitting you do some of these.  Here are the top 10 . . .     1.  Buying something,… Read More

The 10 Ways Women Hate Being Described

October 4, 2016

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  There are a few words you obviously shouldn't use when you're describing a woman.  In theory, we shouldn't have to hold your hand through those . . . so today we're going to focus on the slightly LESS obvious ones. A new survey asked women what words they HATE being described with.  Here are… Read More

The 10 Greatest Breakfast Cereals of All Time

September 27, 2016

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We've got a list of the best cereals of all time, but it comes with a warning:  It's clear a LOT of the votes came from nostalgic baby boomers, or CEREAL HIPSTERS.  Because four of the top 10 were discontinued before 1980. Here are the 10 greatest cereals of all time, according to more than… Read More

The 20 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

September 22, 2016

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"Rolling Stone" recently surveyed hundreds of actors, writers, producers, critics, and show-runners to come up with a list of 'The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. 'Any show from any era was eligible . . . but the end result proved once again that we're in the middle of a pretty amazing time for… Read More

The Top 10 Things People Re-Gift

December 17, 2015

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    There's more of a re-gifting EPIDEMIC going around than we realized. According to a new survey, 52% of people will re-gift something this Christmas.  That means a MAJORITY of us are passing on a gift we didn't like to someone else.  Wow.  Here are the top 10 things people re-gift . . .… Read More

Letterman Came Out of Retirement to Do a Top 10 List on Trump

July 13, 2015

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  STEVE MARTIN and MARTIN SHORT are doing a comedy tour called A Very Stupid Conversation.  And during a show Friday night in San Antonio, DAVID LETTERMAN made a surprise appearance to rip on DONALD TRUMP. Dave said he was enjoying his retirement until Donald Trump announced he was running for president.  That's when Dave… Read More