Sep 26

A Guy Finds “Racist Glasses” That Turn Everyone Into a Stereotype

A parody video called “Racist Glasses” is making the rounds again.  The guy in it finds magic glasses that turn everyone he looks at into offensive stereotypes. Entertain yourself and press play.

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Jul 27

[Video Premiere] Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj “All Eyes On You”


Meek & Nick’ are in love, and it’s very apparent in Meek Mill’s new video All Eyes On You, from his chart-topping album Dreams Worth More Than Money. Watch the two put it all out there for us to see.

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Jul 21

Tyrese Vows To ‘”Save” R&B Muisc

Premiere Of Screen Gems' "Legion" - Arrivals

Tyrese is on top of the world lately, scoring his first #1 on the Billboard charts with his new album ‘Black Rose’. It’s been 17 yrs since the singer/actor debut on the charts, and he wants to save R&B music. In an open letter on Facebook, Tyrese states; “How is it possible that urban radio plays Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith ( When they release R&B Soul records and when we’re singing in the EXACT same genre, WE don’t get ANY love on the other side…??” He also says;  ‪#‎SHAME‬ ft Jennifer Hudson needs to be HEARD by people ALL AROUND the WORLD!!!! And I won’t stop or rest until we get there. Check out the video for that aforementioned song, and decide if he is saving R&B.

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Jul 17

[Video Premiere] Ciara “Dance Like We’re Making Love”


Ciara sizzles in her new video “Dance Like We’re Making Love” from her album Jackie which is on stores now. “I challenged myself the most I’ve ever challenged myself in any video,” said Ciara, and it definitely shows! Check out the visuals below!

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May 12

Sugabear’s LOL Video Of The Day



We all have had our moments in the car where we think were singing at a concert in front of thousands…right? Check out this video of 15 Types of Car Radio Singers and see if you see yourself.

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May 7

[ViDEO] Jordin Sparks “Double Tap”

American Idol Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks does it for the gram in her new video for ‘Double Tap’ that features 2 Chainz. The songstress looks grown-up in the video where she tempts her IG stalker with pics & videos. She recently told Yahoo,“For me in the song, the girl is talking to the guy saying, ‘I know you stalk my page. I know you look at the photos. I know that you don’t like them. I bet you’re not going to like that picture, but I know you like me,’” Check it out!

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Apr 30

[VIRAL] Video Of The Day “I’m Moving On”

A video of a five-year-old girl named Saige is getting a bunch of hits on YouTube.  She got angry at her brother for throwing dirt at her, and told her mom she wanted to move in with her friend  Jenn . . . because it’s time to move on with her life.


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Apr 10

Little Boy’s Heartbreaking Funeral For Fish

We all know that losing a best friend (pet) can be pretty devastating. Watch this kid say goodbye to his fish in the cutest way imaginable.

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Mar 24

A Montage of Soldiers Getting Pranked for Falling Asleep


A video called Don’t Fall Asleep in the Military is making the rounds online.  It’s three minutes of soldiers getting woken up by pranks . . . like having hot sauce squirted in their mouth. We salute and honor all in the military, but this is FUNNY!


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Mar 5

A Guy Covers “Uptown Funk” as Characters from “Family Guy”

There’s a guy on YouTube named Mikey Bolts who does impressions, and 1.8 million people subscribe to his channel. He mostly sings songs as characters from “Family Guy”. At least those are the videos he does that get the most hits.And a new one he just posted is making the rounds.  It’s the song “Uptown Funk” done as different “Family Guy” characters . . . the alien from “American Dad” . . . and Hank from “King of the Hill” for some reason.


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