The 10 Ways Couples Make Each Other Crazy in the Car

November 1, 2016

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FULL STORY:  Part of being in a relationship is spending a LOT of time together in a car.  And part of being in a car together is HATING being in a car together. A new survey found the 10 biggest ways couples make each other CRAZY when they're driving.  Check 'em out . . .… Read More

The 10 Minor Crimes People Are Most Likely to Commit

October 26, 2016

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  We're all criminals and apparently NO ONE feels bad about it.   A new survey found the minor crimes that people are most likely to commit . . . and you'll probably have NO PROBLEM admitting you do some of these.  Here are the top 10 . . .     1.  Buying something,… Read More

Three Reasons to Stop Using Your Debit Card

October 25, 2016

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  Using your debit card for everything helps you avoid credit card debt, but you miss out on building better credit.  And lots of credit cards offer pretty decent cash back rewards. Anyway, here are three OTHER reasons to stop using your debit card.   1.  It's linked directly to your checking account.  So if… Read More

Five Random Facts For Monday

October 24, 2016

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  Here are some random facts for you . . .   1.  Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, but Venus gets hotter, because its atmosphere traps and holds heat.     2.  Miss Piggy and the Phillie Phanatic were created by the same person.  Her name is Bonnie Erickson, and she had… Read More

Women Are Angrier Drivers Than Men

October 20, 2016

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  You think of men as being the ANGRIER gender, but apparently, when it comes to road rage, WOMEN are the lunatics.  So men are better at something driving related than women?  I did NOT see that coming.     A new study found women get 12% ANGRIER than men in different scenarios in the… Read More

The 10 Things Americans Fear Most

October 13, 2016

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You'd think a survey about "things Americans fear" in October would have monsters and ghosts.  But I guess this year we've got too many REAL things to focus on.  Like actual sightings of scary clowns. Here are the 10 things Americans fear most, according to a new survey by Chapman University in Southern California.  … Read More

Five Ways to Relax in 30 Seconds

October 10, 2016

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If you're having a hard Monday, here are five things that can help you relax in about 30 seconds.   1.  Laugh.  Studies have shown it releases tension, reduces blood pressure, and can even lower your blood sugar levels.   2.  Eat an orange, or anything else with vitamin C.  Which mostly means other types… Read More

Five Everyday Things You Didn't Know Had a Purpose

October 6, 2016

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  We found a list online of everyday things you've probably never thought about.  But they all have a purpose.  Here are five we liked . . .   1.  The hole in the top of a pen cap.  It's not some weird engineering thing that keeps it from drying out.  It just makes the… Read More