Jan 7

10 Things That Turn 10 Years Old in 2016




It’s time to make you feel old and remind you that you’re going to die someday . . . probably sooner than you think.  Here are 10 things that celebrate their 10th anniversaries in 2016:


1.  Justin Timberlake’s “Future Sex / LoveSounds” album.  That’s the one where he brought the SEXY back.


2.  “Hannah Montana”.


3.  The CW.


4.  “Step Up”, the movie that hooked up CHANNING TATUM and JENNA DEWAN in real life.


5.  “High School Musical”.


6.  Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” album.


7.  Everyone 13 and over with a valid email address being allowed on Facebook.


8.  Suri Cruise.


9.  The “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel, “Dead Man’s Chest”.


10.  Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Pray, Love”.



(E! Online)

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Aug 17

Five Random Things You Didn’t Know About Your Car



Here are five random things you might not know about your car . . .


1.  You shouldn’t be able to see your own car in your side mirrors.  It’s safer if you can see OTHER cars.  So you’re supposed to position them so you can almost see the sides of your car, but not quite.



2.  Here’s how to cool down the inside of your car in under a minute.  If you parked in the sun, roll down the driver’s side window, then open and close the passenger’s side door five to ten times.  It recirculates the air, and makes it up to 10 degrees cooler.



3.  Pressing your key remote under your chin increases its range.  Which can help the next time you can’t find your car in a parking lot.  Basically, it turns your head into a giant antenna . . . but it won’t hurt you.



4.  Driving with the A/C on is safer.  Studies show your chances of falling asleep at the wheel start going up if it’s warmer than about 71 degrees in your car.  And on average, your reaction time is 22% slower at 80 degrees than it is at 71.



5.  Your air conditioner filters out up to 88% of the pollen in the air.  So it’s a good idea to use it when your allergies flare up.



(PR Newswire / Tested / Distractify / NY Times)

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Apr 7

The Five Best Things to Eat When You’re Sick




Health.com talked to an expert about the best things to eat and drink when you’re sick.  Here are five different things, depending on what’s wrong.


 1.  If you’re nauseous, things like saltines and pretzels are best because they cut down on stomach acid.  But avoid alcohol, caffeine, anything greasy, and anything spicy.



2.  If you’re constipated, eat anything high in fiber, and drink a ton of water.  Or if you’re the OPPOSITE of constipated, remember the acronym B.R.A.T. . . . bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.



3.  For a sore throat or a runny nose, drink WARM tea, not hot.  Hot tea can can make sore throats worse, and so can juice or anything acidic.  And obviously don’t eat something scratchy like chips that might irritate it.



4.  If your entire body aches from the flu, eat something with a lot of magnesium, like nuts, bananas, beans, leafy greens, and avocados.  But avoid caffeine and alcohol, because they’ll make you dehydrated.



5.  To get rid of a headache, drink a full glass of water, and see if you feel better in 20 minutes.  Sometimes a little caffeine can help too, but you should drink one glass of water for every cup of coffee you have. 



And don’t put any artificial sweeteners in it, because they tend to make headaches worse.




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Apr 2

Ten Annoying Phrases You Should Stop Using at Work



A recent article on LinkedIn listed a bunch of cliché phrases people use too much at work.  You can get away with them every now and then.  But if you say them CONSTANTLY, you start annoying people.  Here are the top ten . . .



1.  “At the end of the day.”


2.  “Back to the drawing board.”


3.  “Hit the ground running.”


4.  “Get the ball rolling.”


5.  “Think outside the box.”


6.  “Let’s touch base.”


7.  “It’s a no-brainer.”


8.  “I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate.”


9.  The word “synergy.”


10.  “It’s a win-win.”






(Check out the top 25 here.)

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Oct 24

Athlete Mo’ne Davis Has A Message For Everyone

Photo: NY Post

Remember that name…Mo’ne Davis. The 13 year-old from Philadelphia became the first female pitcher to win a game at the Little League World Series, now has a Chevy ad to inspire us all. The heart-felt message doesn’t pitch the car brand, but pulls on the heart-strings of America.

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Oct 15

Mark Zuckerberg is Donating $25 Million to Fight Ebola



Facebook founder MARK ZUCKERBERG and his wife Priscilla are donating $25 million to help fight Ebola.  And he announced it, obviously, on Facebook. Mark said, quote, “We need to get Ebola under control in the near term so that it doesn’t spread further and become a long term global health crisis that we end up fighting for decades at large scale, like HIV or polio.

“We believe our grant is the quickest way to empower the CDC and the experts in this field to prevent this outcome”

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Oct 7

Where You Sit in a Restaurant Affects How Much You Eat


According to a recent study out of Cornell, where you sit in a restaurant can actually affect how much you EAT. Researchers observed people at 27 different restaurants across the country.  Here are four things that can subconsciously make you eat LESS, and eat healthier.

1.  Pick a table that’s well lit.  It’s not clear why, but they noticed that if you sit in a dark section of a restaurant, you tend to eat more.  Possibly because being in the dark makes you less self-conscious, and you know people can’t see you pigging out.

 2.  Sit close to the door.  For whatever reason, people who sat the farthest from the door ate the fewest salads.  And they were 73% more likely to order dessert than the average customer.

 3.  Sit at a table, not a booth.  People who sat at booths ordered fattier foods and ate more.  Meanwhile, people who sat at high-top tables were more likely to start with a salad and SKIP dessert.

 4.  Don’t sit facing a television.  Just like when you’re at home, watching TV can cause mindless eating.  And the researchers found that the closer someone was to a TV, the more they ate. 

Source: (Slim by Design)

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Sep 30

Three Ways Companies Trick You Into Buying Stuff

Photo: theguardian.com

You probably know a lot of the ways companies trick you into buying stuff . . .like making something 49.99 instead of $50. They CLAIM something’s cheap, like saying a “SMALL $5 fee” instead of just a “$5 fee” . . . and they put an “original” price on something, even though it’s higher than the actual price EVER was. Here are three tricks you might NOT know about.

1.  They put things in tall, skinny packages.  In most cases, they could fit the same product in a short, wide package.  But studies have found that when we see a tall, narrow box, we automatically think there’s more in it.

2.  They CLAIM something’s cheap, and we believe it.  In a 2007 study, researchers offered overnight shipping for “a $5 fee.”  Then they changed the ad so it said “a SMALL $5 fee” . . . and suddenly 20% more people were interested.

3.  Price anchoring.  That’s the term they use when they put a price on something that’s way higher than they EVER planned on selling it for.

Like at a clothing store, you might see a tag that says the “original” price was $56.  But in reality, the store NEVER sold it for that price.  They just put it on there, because then you see $32 and think it’s a DEAL.

JCPenny actually stopped doing it for a while in 2012.  But their sales dropped so much, the CEO got fired for it.



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Sep 24

The Top-Earning Hip-Hop Stars

Photo: USA Today

“Forbes” put out their annual list of “Hip-Hop’s Biggest Earners” from the past year . . . and DR. DRE blew everyone else out of the water with $620 million.  Most of that came from Apple buying Beats. Here’s the full Top 25:

1.  Dr. Dre, $620 million . . . Apple’s $3 billion Beats buyout not only put him at #1, it’s also more than the remaining 24 names on this list COMBINED.


2.  A tie between Jay-Z and Diddy, both with $60 million


4.  Drake, $33 million


5.  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, $32 million


6.  Kanye West, $30 million


7.  Birdman, $24 million . . . He’s more of an executive than a rapper.  He runs Cash Money, the home of Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj.


8.  Lil Wayne, $23 million


9.  Pharrell, $22 million


10.  Eminem, $18 million


11.  Nicki Minaj, $14 million


12.  Wiz Khalifa, $13 million


13.  Pitbull, $12 million


14.  Snoop Dogg, $10 million


15.  Kendrick Lamar, $9 million


16.  A FOUR-way tie between Ludacris, Techn9ne, Swizz Beats and 50 Cent, all with $8 million


20.  A FIVE-way tie between Rick Ross, J. Cole, DJ Khaled, Lil Jon and Mac Miller, who pulled down $7 million apiece.

Data compiled on record sales, touring, digital downloads, films, merchandise sales, endorsements, books, and other entertainment ventures



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Sep 16

What Habit in the Bedroom Bothers You the Most?

Is it even possible to share a bedroom with someone who doesn’t do at least ONE thing that drives you CRAZY?  Someone call science and get them to work on that.  Until they do, we’ll talk about this .  A new survey asked people to name their significant other’s bedroom habit that bothers them the most.  Here are the top 10;


1.  Eating in bed.

2.  Leaving a mess on their nightstand.

3.  Smoking in bed.

4.  Using a laptop or iPad in bed instead of talking.

5.  Snoring.

6.  Working in bed.

7.  Stealing the covers.

8.  Leaving clothes on the floor.

9.  Ignoring basic hygiene.

10.  Talking in their sleep.


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