Nov 30

10 Interesting Facts About Christmas Movies

omorrow is the first day of December, but there’s a good chance you’ve already started watching Christmas movies, especially if you have kids.  And no matter how many times you’ve seen them, you may not know everything.




“People” magazine has a list of “30 Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Christmas Movies,” and while some of them aren’t exactly shocking . . . there are some interesting ones.  Here are 10 highlights:


1. Natalie Wood was eight when she filmed “Miracle on 34th Street”, and she thought her co-star Edmund Gwenn really WAS Santa Claus.


2.  The supervising animator for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” says the movie was shot at 24 frames per second, meaning that technically the characters had to be posed 24 different times for each SECOND.  And it took It took a whole week to finish shooting each minute of the movie.


3.  An episode of “MythBusters” proved that a person’s tongue CAN instantly get stuck to a freezing pole like in “A Christmas Story”.


4.  Will Ferrell ate so much sugar while filming “Elf” that he had trouble sleeping.  He said, quote, “I constantly stayed up.  But anything for the movie, I’m there.”


5.  Jim Carrey was originally supposed to star in “Elf”.


6.  “The Santa Clause” joke involving ‘1-800-SPANK-ME’ caused massive problems for parents when kids discovered that it connected them to an actual phone sex hotline.  Some people who dialed the number reportedly racked up hundreds of dollars in phone bills.


7.  The Grinch was black-and-white in the original Dr. Seuss book . . . and it was the director of the 1966 animated movie who had the idea to make him green.


8. After the release of “Home Alone 2″, the Plaza Hotel in New York City was swamped with families wanting to recreate Kevin’s adventure in Suite 411, a.k.a. ‘Kevin’s Suite,’ for $1,100 a night.  Donald Trump owned the Plaza back then, and as you probably know by now, he has a cameo in the movie.


9.  “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” creator Robert May considered the names ‘Reginald’ and ‘Rollo’ before settling on ‘Rudolph.’  He ultimately thought Reginald sounded too British and Rollo sounded too carefree.


10.  Some of the Jean Shepherd stories that made up “A Christmas Story” were first published in “Playboy”.  Of course, they weren’t R-rated.  As you probably know, aside from the pictorials, “Playboy” has a long history of featuring short stories.  In fact, that’s why most people say they read it.  (???)


The director of “A Christmas Story”, Bob Clark, also directed the sex comedy “Porky’s” and the not-so-family-friendly movie “Black Christmas”, which is a classic horror movie from 1974.  (Hit up for the whole list.)

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Oct 18

The 26 Best ’90s TV Catchphrases


E! News has a list of ‘The 26 Best ’90s TV Catchphrases,” and it’s very heavy on “Full House”, “The Simpsons”, and “Seinfeld” . . . as you’d expect.  Here it is . . .


1.  “D’oh!” . . . Homer on “The Simpsons”


2.  “How you doin’?” . . . Joey on “Friends”


3.  “Have mercy!” . . . Jesse on “Full House”


4.  “Excellent” . . . Mr. Burns on “The Simpsons”


5.  “The truth is out there” . . . the slogan from “The X-Files”


6.  “How rude!” . . . Stephanie on “Full House”


7.  “You got it, dude” . . . Michelle on “Full House”


8.  “Yadda, yadda, yadda” . . . from “Seinfeld”


9.  “Schwing!” . . . the “Wayne’s World” sketch on “Saturday Night Live”


10.  “Don’t have a cow, man!” . . . Bart on “The Simpsons”


11.  “Whoa!” . . . Joey on “Blossom”


12.  “Did I do that?” . . . Steve Urkel on “Family Matters”


13.  “We’re not worthy” . . . “Wayne’s World”


14.  “Oh my God, they killed Kenny!” . . . from “South Park”


15.  “Eat my shorts!” . . . Bart on “The Simpsons”


16.  “It stinks!” . . . from “The Critic”


17.  The grunt “Uuueegghh” . . . Tim on “Home Improvement”


18.  “Serenity now!” . . . George’s dad Frank on “Seinfeld”


19.  “Oh, Mylanta” . . . from “Full House”


20.  “Cut. It. Out.” . . . Joey on “Full House”


21.  “Make it so” . . . from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”


22.  “Isn’t that special” . . . the “Church Lady” sketch on “SNL”


23.  “I’m the baby, gotta love me” . . . Baby Sinclair on “Dinosaurs”


24.  “Resistance is futile” . . . from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”


25.  “Is that your final answer?” . . . Regis on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”


26.  “Hello, Newman” . . . Jerry on “Seinfeld”




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Sep 22

The 20 Greatest TV Shows of All Time


“Rolling Stone” recently surveyed hundreds of actors, writers, producers, critics, and show-runners to come up with a list of ‘The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time. ‘Any show from any era was eligible . . . but the end result proved once again that we’re in the middle of a pretty amazing time for TV, because even with 70 YEARS of programming, 26 of the 100 shows are still airing new episodes. By the way, Garry Marshall was one of the voters.  They say he sent in his ballot shortly before he passed away.

Here’s the Top 20:


1.  “The Sopranos”, 1999-2007


2.  “The Wire”, 2002-2008


3.  “Breaking Bad”, 2008-2013


4.  “Mad Men”, 2007-2015


5.  “Seinfeld”, 1989-1998


6.  “The Simpsons”, 1989-present


7.  “The Twilight Zone”, 1959-1964


8.  “Saturday Night Live”, 1975-present


9.  “All in the Family”, 1971-1979


10.  “The Daily Show”, 1996-present


11.  “Freaks and Geeks”, 1999-2000


12.  “Game of Thrones”, 2011-present


13.  “Late Night with David Letterman”, 1982-2015


14.  “The Larry Sanders Show”, 1992-1998


15.  “The West Wing”, 1999-2006


16.  “M*A*S*H”, 1972-1983


17.  “Twin Peaks”, 1990-1991


18.  “Star Trek: The Original Series”, 1966-1969


19.  “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, 2000-present


20.  “Cheers”, 1982-1993



“Friends” is #26, beating out “Arrested Development” at #27.  “South Park” made it, but not until #33.  Meanwhile, “Lost” came in at #39, “The People V. O.J. Simpson” is #75, and “The Walking Dead” is #77.

“Orange Is the New Black” is the highest-ranking non-TV, streaming show, at #37.  The other streaming shows on the list are “Transparent” at #73, and “House of Cards” at #83.

( has the whole list.  Here’s the direct link to the Top 20.)

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Sep 13

The Ten Best Netflix Series


how-to-unlock-netflix-with-a-vpn ranked all 36 of Netflix’s original shows, and they didn’t include movies, revivals like Season Four of “Arrested Development”, and stuff targeted at kids like “Fuller House” and “Degrassi: The Next Class”.

Here’s the Top 10:


1.  “Orange Is the New Black”


2.  “BoJack Horseman”


3.  “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”


4.  “Stranger Things”


5.  “The Get Down”


6.  “Narcos”


7.  “Lady Dynamite”


8.  “Making a Murderer”


9.  “Master of None”


10.  “Jessica Jones”


“Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” is #15.  It didn’t count as a revival since it was a movie before, not a TV series.  “House of Cards” is all the way down at #18, and “Daredevil” is at #20. In last place, at #36, is the sitcom “Real Rob” starring Rob Schneider.  The site says, quote, “It’s the sort of programming that makes you want to bleach out your ears and eyes.”


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Jan 7

10 Things That Turn 10 Years Old in 2016




It’s time to make you feel old and remind you that you’re going to die someday . . . probably sooner than you think.  Here are 10 things that celebrate their 10th anniversaries in 2016:


1.  Justin Timberlake’s “Future Sex / LoveSounds” album.  That’s the one where he brought the SEXY back.


2.  “Hannah Montana”.


3.  The CW.


4.  “Step Up”, the movie that hooked up CHANNING TATUM and JENNA DEWAN in real life.


5.  “High School Musical”.


6.  Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” album.


7.  Everyone 13 and over with a valid email address being allowed on Facebook.


8.  Suri Cruise.


9.  The “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel, “Dead Man’s Chest”.


10.  Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Pray, Love”.



(E! Online)

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Oct 30

The 15 Scariest Movies of the Last 15 Years



Since it’s almost Halloween, here’s a list of the 15 scariest movies of the past 15 years, courtesy of “Entertainment Tonight”, the undisputed authority on horror movies.  (???)

The list, which is actually pretty good, is in no particular order.  How many have YOU seen?



1.  “The Babadook”, 2014


2.  “Let the Right One In”, 2008


3.  “The Conjuring”, 2013


4.  “The Woman in Black”, 2012


5.  “28 Days Later”, 2002


6.  “It Follows”, 2014


7.  “Shaun of the Dead”, 2004


8.  “Saw”, 2004


9.  “The Strangers”, 2008


10.  “Corpse Bride”, 2005


11.  “The Descent”, 2005


12.  “The Cabin in the Woods”, 2012


13.  “Goodnight Mommy”, 2015


14.  “Hostel”, 2005


15.  “Paranormal Activity”, 2007


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Sep 17

[MOVIE TRAILER] “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2″

'Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian)' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Fans are SUPER EXCITED about the new trailer for the Hunger Games. Are you? Check it out!


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Jun 8

Seven Actors Who Took a Huge Pay Cut

EE British Academy Film Awards - Nominees Party - Arrivals


Sometimes it really IS about the art.  Lots of actors take massive pay cuts to make movies they’re passionate about.  Here are seven actors who did.

Although we should probably mention that pretty much all of them were already rich, and in many cases, they made out on the back end, taking a percentage of the movies’ profits in exchange for their low up-front salaries.


JONAH HILL was paid $60,000 BEFORE TAXES for “Wolf of Wall Street”, because he wanted to work with Martin Scorsese that badly.  He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, so it was worth it.


Two years after turning down $15 million to star in a “Magnum P.I.” movie, MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY was paid $200,000 for “Dallas Buyer’s Club”.  The gamble resulted in a Best Actor Oscar.


Maroon 5 singer ADAM LEVINE was paid NOTHING to star opposite Keira Knightley in “Begin Again”.  His philosophy was basically that he doesn’t NEED the money, so he can dip his toes into acting slowly, in small projects.


TOM CRUISE took almost no salary for “Mission:  Impossible – Ghost Protocol”.  But he made huge money off the back end, so this one’s kind of a cheat.


RYAN GOSLING was hot after “The Notebook” . . . but instead of cashing in, he took a salary of $1,000 a week to play a drug-addicted teacher in “Half Nelson”.  He got an Oscar nomination for Best Actor out of it.


ETHAN HAWKE took little salary and a percentage of the profits for the horror flick “The Purge”.  He even claimed he slept on the director’s couch because he didn’t have a trailer.  But the movie was enough of a hit that he made a few bucks.


GEORGE CLOONEY only took $120,000 to write, direct, and star in “Good Night, and Good Luck”.  And he was paid $300,000 for “The Descendants”.  Both movies scored multiple Oscar nominations.



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Dec 30

The Top Things We Learned in 2014




As we get ready to close out another year, we wanted to take a minute to look back and review what happened.  Here are The Top Things We Learned in 2014.

Ebola is a horrible, terrifying disease that you need to spend every waking hour worrying about, even though there’s almost no chance you’ll catch it and even if you do, you’ll probably survive.

“Ms. Doubtfire 2″ definitely ain’t happening.

Emails from Sony are almost as easy to intercept as Jay Cutler.

If you’re near Russia, you’ll soon be part of Russia.

People will actually watch CNN when a plane disappears.

If you want to meet the president, just hop the White House fence.  It’s that easy.

If you like your doctor . . . tough luck.

Jennifer Lawrence really hates wearing clothes.

In the NFL, you can hit someone and get away with it.  But in NASCAR, you can KILL someone and get away with it.

If everyone would just take a second to dump a bucket of ice water on their head, ALS would vanish forever!

People will drop a small fortune on a new Apple product that’s essentially just a slightly bigger version of the old one, simply because there’s a “6” after the name.

People in Colorado REALLY like weed.

You can give away a U2 album for free, and people still think it costs too much.

Don’t drink anything Bill Cosby hands you.  Unless you’re down for anything.

If you’re a movie studio, there may be better ways to spend your money than waiting 20 years to do a sequel to a dated Jim Carrey movie that wasn’t that funny in the first place.

As a pro quarterback, Johnny Manziel comes up “short” on many levels.

Some Americans may have talent, but many more have diabetes.

Radio stations hated Pharrell’s song “Happy” and refused to ever play it.



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Dec 16

The 25 Most Liked Celebrities of 2014



According to a new survey, the “most liked” celebrity of 2014 is a 77-year-old African American man.  And I know what you’re thinking . . . but no, it’s NOT Bill Cosby(???)  It’s Morgan Freeman. 1,100 people ages 13 to 49 were surveyed by E-Score . . . a consumer research service that provides information to media and entertainment companies.  It has nothing to do with Facebook “likes.”  Here’s the Top 25:


1.  Morgan Freeman


2.  Tom Hanks


3.  Sandra Bullock


4.  Betty White


5.  Will Smith


6.  Clint Eastwood


7.  Bruce Willis


8.  Julia Roberts


9.  Leonardo DiCaprio


10.  Jennifer Aniston


11.  Ben Stiller


12.  George Clooney


13.  Ellen DeGeneres


14.  Eddie Murphy


15.  Dolly Parton


16.  Nicolas Cage


17.  John Travolta


18.  Whoopi Goldberg


19.  Sylvester Stallone


20.  Taylor Swift


21.  David Letterman


22.  Oprah Winfrey


23.  Jay Leno


24.  Alec Baldwin


25.  Arnold Schwarzenegger



It’s interesting that this data was collected presumably for marketing purposes . . . and 19 of the 25 celebrities listed were at least 50 years old, including the Top Four.  So, they’re OLDER than the demographic that participated in the survey.

It seems like movies, TV shows, and commercials are always focusing on young stars to attract a younger audience . . . but of the 25 most liked celebrities by people ages 13 to 49, only ONE was younger than 40:  Taylor Swift, who’s 25. After that, the next youngest is Leonardo DiCaprio, and we’re all well aware of how he’s beloved by young people . . . particularly models, who like to ride on yachts.


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