The 10 Most Stressful Life Events

March 16, 2017

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A new study found the major life events that stress us out the most.  And I’m not sure how “the Internet going down” didn’t make the list.  I will literally kill a man out of frustration if my Internet drops out for anything over three seconds.


But here are the actual 10 most stressful things that can happen to us, according to the study . . .



1.  The death of a spouse, relative, or friend.


2.  Going to jail.


3.  A natural disaster or a fire damaging your house.


4.  Getting diagnosed with a serious illness.


5.  Being fired.


6.  Getting separated or divorced.


7.  Being a victim of identity theft.


8.  Unexpected money problems.


9.  Starting a new job.


10.  Planning a wedding.



And one more note:  A terrorist attack only came in 13th on the list by just a tiny margin over the 14th most stressful life event . . . losing your phone.