The Three Things Single People Hate Hearing the Most on Valentine's Day

February 8, 2017

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We have a weird impulse to try to console our single friends on Valentine’s Day . . . even though they REALLY don’t want to hear it.


A new survey found 65% of single people don’t want your advice . . . and they won’t listen to it.



It also found the three things they HATE hearing the most . . .



1.  “You’ve got to put yourself out there.”


2.  “Don’t be so picky.”


3.  “It will happen when you least expect it.”



So who DO they want advice from . . . you know, when they’re actually in the mood to hear it?



48% of men go to their male friends for advice, 34% go to female friends, and 13% go to their EX.  For women, 66% go to female friends, 35% go to male friends, and 27% go to their PARENTS.



(Singles in America)