Feb 28

On This Day In Black History: February 28

BHM 17


1943;  Porgy and Bess opened on Broadway with Anne Brown and Todd Duncan in starring roles.


1942;  Race riot, Sojourner Truth Homes, Detroit.


1708;  Slave revolt, Newton, Long Island (N.Y.). Seven whites killed. Two Black male slaves and an Indian slave were hanged, and a Black woman was burned alive.


1984;  Musician and entertainer Michael Jackson wins eight Grammy Awards. His album, “Thriller”, broke all sales records to-date, and remains one of the top-grossing albums of all time.

1932;  Richard Spikes invented/patented automatic gear shift.
1990;  Philip Emeagwali awarded the Gordon Bell Prize (computing’s Nobel Prize) for solving one of the twenty most difficult problems in the computing field.





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Feb 27

On This Day In Black History: February 27

BHM 17


1988;  Figure skater Debi Thomas becomes the first African American to win a medal (bronze) at the winter Olympic Games.


1964;  Anna Julia Cooper, champion for the rights of black women, dies at the age of 105.


1883;  Walter B. Purvis patented hand stamp.


1942;  Journalist Charlayne Hunter was born this day in Due West, South Carolina.


1872;  Charlotte Ray graduates from Howard Law School. She is the first African American lawyer in the U.S.






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Feb 23

On This Day In Black History: February 23

BHM 17


1869;  Louisiana governor signed public accommodations law.


1995;  Bass Singer Melvin Franklin of The Temptations died of complications following a brain seizure in Los Angeles. He was 53.


1868;  On this day Dr.William Edward Burghardt DuBois, educator and civil rights advocate, is born in Great Barrington, Mass.


1979;  Frank E. Peterson Jr. named the first Black general in the Marine Corps.


1925;  Louis Stokes, former mayor of Detroit, Michigan, and member of the US House of Representatives, was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Stokes was the first African American elected to the House from Ohio.






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Feb 21

On This Day In Black History: February 21

BHM 17


1936;   On this day Barbara Jordan, who will be the first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives, is born


1917;  Thelonious Sphere Monk (1917–82) Jazz musician; born in Rocky Mount, N.C. He was raised in New York


1965;  Malcolm X (39) assassinated in Audubon Ballroom at a rally of his organization. Three Blacks were later convicted of the crime and sentenced to life imprisonment.


1895;  North Carolina Legislature, dominated by Black Republicans and white Populists, adjourned for the day to mark the death of Frederick Douglass.


1987;  African Americans in Tampa, Florida rebelled after an African American man was killed by a white police officer while in custody.



Source: blackfacts.com





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Feb 17

On This Day In Black History: February 17

BHM 17


1918;  Birthday of Rep. Charles A. Hayes, D-Illinois, who was born in Cairo, Illinois. In 1989, Hayes was re-elected to a fourth term in the House of Representatives. He was first elected Sept. 12, 1983.


1967;  Ronald De Voe, Singer of Bell Biv DeVoe Born Boston, MA, February 17, 1967.


1997;  Virginia House of Delegates votes unanimously to retire the state song, “Carry me back to old virginia” , a tune which glorifies slavery.


1891;  A. C. Richardson, a black inventor, invented the churn, patent #466,470


1936;  James Nathaniel Brown, 63, Pro Football Hall of Fame Fullback, Born February 17, 1936 in St. Simons Island, GA






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Feb 16

On This Day In Black History: February 16

BHM 17


1970;  Joe Frazier knocked out Jimmy Ellis in the second round of their New York fight and became the world heavyweight boxing champion.


1923;  On this day Bessie Smith makes her first recording, “Down Hearted Blues,” which sells 800,000 copies for Columbia Records.


1857;  Frederick Douglass elected President of Freedman Bank and Trust.


1951;  New York City Council passed bill prohibiting racial discrimination in city-assisted housing developments.







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Feb 15

On This Day In Black History: February 15

;BHM 17


1964;  Louis Armstrong’s “Hello Dolly” recording becomes his first and only number one record.


1961;  U.S. and African nationalist protesting the slaying of Congo Premire Patrice Lumumba distrupts U.N. sessions


1848;   Sarah Roberts barred from white school in Boston. Her father, Benjamin Roberts, filed the first school integration suit on her behalf.


1965;  Nat King Cole (45), singer and pianist, died in Santa Monica, California.


1851;   Black abolitionists invaded Boston courtroom and rescued a fugitive slave.







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Feb 13

Five Ways Guys Screw Up Buying Flowers



“GQ” talked to a bunch of florists about how clueless guys are when it comes to buying flowers.  Here are five ways they screw it up . . .



1.  Waiting until the last minute.  If you do, there might not be much to choose from at flower shops.  Or you’ll end up buying a cheap bouquet at the grocery store.  Which is still better than nothing.  Just figure out what you’re doing today, not tomorrow.



2.  Not asking for help.  If you don’t know what kind of flowers to get, ask the florist for suggestions, and tell them what you can spend.  Don’t be timid about it.  They deal with clueless guys constantly.



3.  Always buying roses.  They’re a safe bet, so that’s why guys do it.  But lots of other flowers are good for Valentine’s Day too, like orchids.  Again, ask for help if you need it.



4.  Choosing colors that aren’t romantic enough.  Guys tend to be drawn to really bright colors, like yellow and orange.  But darker, more neutral colors are the way to go for something like Valentine’s Day.



5.  Revealing them in a boring way.  Don’t leave them in plastic and put them on the table.  At least put them in a vase first.  Or send them to her at work, so she can brag.



According to a florist in New York, the one boring thing you CAN get away with is hiding them behind your back with one hand.  Women love that for some reason.




Feb 10

On This Day In Black History: February 10

BHM 17


1992; Alex Haley, American biographer, scriptwriter, author who became famous with the publication of the novel ROOTS, dies.


1927; 1946 Georgia-born Jackie Robinson — major league baseball’s first black player — married Rachel Isum.


1940; Singer Roberta Flack was born


1868; Conservatives, aided by military forces, seized convention hall and established effective control over Reconstruction process in Florida. Republican conservatives drafted new constitution which concentrated political power in hands of governor and limited the impact of the Black vote.

Source: BlackFacts.com



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Feb 9

On This Day In Black History: February 9

BHM 17



1952;  Author Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man wins the National Book Award

1995; Bernard Harris, African-American astronaut, takes space walk.
1971; Baseball Hall of Fame inducts Leroy “Satchel” Paige.
1944;  Novelist Alice Walker was born in Eatonton, Georgia.
1906; Death of poet and novelist Paul Laurence Dunbar (33), Dayton, Ohio.


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