The Top 10 Songs to Get Hot and Heavy To

December 12, 2016

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What do you put on when you’re hoping to set the mood in the bedroom?  If you use Spotify playlists, you better hope JUSTIN BIEBER doesn’t come up, because 39% of people say they’d no longer feel aroused if one of his songs came on. That’s from a new British poll on music and sex.  And even though it wasn’t conducted in America, there’s nothing TOO British on it . .


Here’s the Top 10 most popular songs to have on while you’re in the sack . . .


1.  “Skin”, Rihanna


2.  “Let’s Get It On”, Marvin Gaye


3.  “Lollipop”, Lil Wayne


4.  “Drunk in Love”, Beyoncé


5.  “Love to Love You Baby”, Donna Summer


6.  “Me & U”, Cassie


7.  “Love Me Like You Do”, Ellie Goulding


8.  “Magic”, Coldplay


9.  “Intro”, The XX


10.  “SexyBack”, Justin Timberlake



As you can see, pop, R&B and rock can set the mood.  The least-popular genre in the bedroom, was heavy metal, with 40% of people saying it was a turn-off.



That can’t come as a huge surprise.  What’s even more interesting is that 60% of people apparently DON’T consider it a turn-off.



Rap was the second least-popular genre to have playing during sexy time.



(What’s on your go-to playlist for sex . . . besides the OBVIOUS stuff like George Michael’s “Father Figure”.)  (???)



(And what’s your best story about a song KILLING the mood?  Was it something you THOUGHT would work but it failed . . . or was it a song that came on unexpectedly?)