Dec 16

Four Mind Tricks to Help You Save Money During the Holidays

Many  bundle of US 100 dollars bank notes


It’s crunch time for gift buying.  Here are four mind tricks that will help you spend less during the last-minute rush.


1.  Use the “10-second” rule.  Whenever you’re about to buy something, hold it for ten seconds and ask yourself if you really need it or if that money could be better used on something else.



It’s especially helpful for stocking stuffers, since it’s easy to get carried away with small, inexpensive presents.



2.  Go cash-only.  Research shows that people spend a LOT more when using credit cards instead of cash.  So if you want to keep your spending in check, try bringing only cash to the store.



3.  Shop alone.  The more people you bring along, the easier it becomes to impulse buy.



4.  Take fewer shopping trips.  The more time you spend shopping, the more money you’ll spend.  So take fewer trips to the mall, and limit the number of stores you go into altogether.



(Business Insider)

Dec 15

The Five Best Places to Hide Christmas Presents



If you already bought your family’s Christmas presents and you’re hiding them under the bed because no one will ever look for them there . . . yeah, they’ve already been found. A new survey asked people for the BEST places to hide presents so their kids and their significant other can’t find them.



Here are the five ideas that got the most votes . . .



1.  At a friend’s house.


2.  In suitcases.


3.  The back of the top shelf of your closet.


4.  The back of the top shelf of your kitchen cupboard.


5.  Deep in the tool shed.

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Dec 13

The Eight Things You Shouldn’t Buy For Christmas [Women]



If you haven’t started Christmas shopping for your wife or girlfriend yet . . . GOOD.  Because you weren’t going to spend enough or get the right gift anyway.According to a new survey, the average woman expects $215 worth of presents this year.  And that’s a pretty big disconnect from what men were thinking . . . because the average guy only planned on spending $68. The survey didn’t ask women what specific gifts they want, but it DID find the ones they DON’T want.  The eight things women don’t want for Christmas are:



1.  Socks.


2.  Bath salts.  (I assume that refers to the bath salts you get from Bath & Body Works, not the drug that makes people eat each other’s faces.)


3.  Chocolate.


4.  Perfume, body spray, or toiletries.


5.  Gift cards or money.


6.  Kitchen products.


7.  Windshield wipers.  (???)


8.  A sewing kit.




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Dec 12

The Top 10 Songs to Get Hot and Heavy To



What do you put on when you’re hoping to set the mood in the bedroom?  If you use Spotify playlists, you better hope JUSTIN BIEBER doesn’t come up, because 39% of people say they’d no longer feel aroused if one of his songs came on. That’s from a new British poll on music and sex.  And even though it wasn’t conducted in America, there’s nothing TOO British on it . .


Here’s the Top 10 most popular songs to have on while you’re in the sack . . .


1.  “Skin”, Rihanna


2.  “Let’s Get It On”, Marvin Gaye


3.  “Lollipop”, Lil Wayne


4.  “Drunk in Love”, Beyoncé


5.  “Love to Love You Baby”, Donna Summer


6.  “Me & U”, Cassie


7.  “Love Me Like You Do”, Ellie Goulding


8.  “Magic”, Coldplay


9.  “Intro”, The XX


10.  “SexyBack”, Justin Timberlake



As you can see, pop, R&B and rock can set the mood.  The least-popular genre in the bedroom, was heavy metal, with 40% of people saying it was a turn-off.



That can’t come as a huge surprise.  What’s even more interesting is that 60% of people apparently DON’T consider it a turn-off.



Rap was the second least-popular genre to have playing during sexy time.



(What’s on your go-to playlist for sex . . . besides the OBVIOUS stuff like George Michael’s “Father Figure”.)  (???)



(And what’s your best story about a song KILLING the mood?  Was it something you THOUGHT would work but it failed . . . or was it a song that came on unexpectedly?)




Dec 9

The Top Ten Stories on Facebook in 2016



Facebook just released their list of the 10 stories that people talked about the most on their site this year, and believe it or not, NO fake news made it.  Then again . . . neither did PRINCE, so who knows what the hell was going on.


Here are the 10 stories that got the most people around the world talking on Facebook in 2016 . . .



1.  The United States presidential election.


2.  Brazil’s president getting impeached in August.


3.  “Pokemon Go”.


4.  Black Lives Matter.


5.  The Philippines presidential election.


6.  The Summer Olympics.


7.  Brexit.


8.  Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos winning the Super Bowl.


9.  The death of David Bowie.


10.  The death of Muhammad Ali.




Dec 7

You’ve Got $68 Worth of Loose Change Around the House



I know the most popular way to get extra money around the holidays is “rack up tons of credit card debt.”  But digging through your couch cushions and drawers for nickels could be an even SMARTER plan.

A new study found the average person has $68 worth of spare change lying around their house.

And if you’re thinking, “There’s no way I’ve got that much” . . . well, that’s normal too, because the average person assumes they’ve only got $41 in change.  In other words, it’s time to get diggin’.



(PR Newswire)

Dec 6

Six Gross Things That Are Allowed in Food



This might make you never want to eat ANYTHING again, but we found a list online of gross things the FDA allows in food.  Here are six things that technically won’t hurt you, they’re just disgusting . . .


1.  Ground-up insects.  It’s impossible to prevent it sometimes.  So a jar of cinnamon can have about 400 insect fragments . . . a jar of oregano can have THOUSANDS . . . and an ounce of the stuff in Fig Newtons can contain up to four insect HEADS.



2.  Mouse poop.  There are small traces of it in everything from popcorn to flour.  The FDA only allows about five to ten milligrams per pound though.



3.  Mold.  Lots of foods have trace amounts of it, including ketchup.  But the grossest one might be canned peaches.  The FDA allows up to 3% of them to be, quote, “wormy or moldy.”



4.  Maggots.  A 24-ounce jar of tomato sauce can have one-and-a-half maggots in it.  And some orange juice can have the equivalent of one maggot per CUP.



5.  Rat hair.  It’s found in a lot of spices, but also ends up in peanut butter, chocolate, and pasta.



6.  Cigarette butts.  A tiny amount of random “foreign matter” is allowed in salt, pepper, certain spices, and things like sesame seeds.  And it’s not unheard of for ground-up cigarettes to get in there.



(Live Science)

Dec 2

A Guy Is Using His Frequent Flyer Miles to Fly Strangers Home for Christmas



There’s a 44-year-old guy in New York named Peter Shankman who does business seminars all over the world.  So he racks up a lot of frequent flyer miles, and uses most of them to get plane tickets for his friends and family.


But he’s also using a bunch of them this year to buy tickets for complete STRANGERS who can’t afford to fly home for Christmas. He’s been asking people to explain why they deserve a free ticket on the site  (Pronounced image-er.)

The ones who get the most votes by 5:00 P.M. Eastern today will get the tickets.  So HE’S not choosing who gets them, the Internet is.  (It’s probably too late to get in on the action, but this story explains how to apply for a free ticket.) He says he has enough miles to fly three or four people round-trip.  Or more depending on where each person’s going.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because he did the same thing last year.  And he also sent six people home for the holidays back in 2013, which inspired OTHER people to do it.  So about 25 people ended up getting free tickets that year. By the way, if YOU have a bunch of frequent flyer miles you want to donate to someone, there’s actually a website you can go through now called



(Imgur / Lansing State Journal)

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Dec 1

Six Gross Things Every Couple Has Secretly Done




Someone posted a list of gross things every couple has secretly done that DON’T have to do with sex.  So if you’ve never done these six things, apparently you’re in the minority . . .


1.  Checking the other person’s nose for boogers.  Like if you’re out in public, and one of you has cold.  You’d rather have THEM see it than someone else.  And the same applies for any food that’s stuck in your teeth.



2.  Having a full-on conversation in the bathroom while one of you is using the toilet.  It’s especially gross if they’re not just peeing.



3.  Checking to see if the other person stinks before they go out.  Like they ask you to smell their feet or their armpits to see if they need to shower or change clothes.



4.  Searching each other’s bodies for pimples and ingrown hairs.  Some people also enjoy POPPING them for some reason.



5.  Being competitive about how bad your gas is.  Especially once you’ve been together for a while or you get married.



6.  Sharing a toothbrush when you go somewhere together, and one of you forgets to bring one.  Unless you’re totally grossed out by it, you’ve probably done it at least once.