A 90-Second Shower Trick That Wakes You Up

November 14, 2016

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Photo: theguardian.com

Photo: theguardian.com


A recent survey found the average person takes 227 showers a year, or right around four a week.  But this is for everyone who feels like they HAVE to shower every morning to wake up.

It’s a 90-second trick that supposedly wakes you up even better than a normal shower.  The downside is it kind of sounds like torture.  So maybe just try it when you’re REALLY tired.

First, shower like normal.  But then before you get out, blast yourself with COLD water for 30 seconds . . . switch back to hot water for 30 seconds . . . and end with another 30-second blast of cold.

So that’s 30 seconds of cold . . . 30 seconds of hot . . . and 30 seconds of cold again.

Obviously the cold water alone would wake you up.  But switching back and forth between hot and cold supposedly works even better, because it increases blood flow.  So you end up feeling even more energized.