Cyber Monday Is Now More Popular Than Black Friday

November 4, 2016

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It looks like we’ve finally realized shopping in our underwear is way better than going to WAR with each other over a $10 toaster . . .



According to a new survey, Cyber Monday will be more popular than Black Friday for the first time ever.



69% of people said they’re planning to shop on Cyber Monday this year, compared to 66% on Black Friday.  It was basically a tie last year . . . 55% for Black Friday, and 54% for Cyber Monday.



And even ON Black Friday, online shopping is just as popular now.  36% of people said they’ll go to at least one store on Black Friday, and 36% also said they’ll shop online.



The survey also found 45% of us plan to spend up to $400 total on Christmas presents this year.  25% will spend up to $800 . . . 13% will spend up to $1,200 . . . 8% will spend more than that . . . and 9% don’t plan to buy anything.



But 94% of people who ARE buying presents will get at least one of them online.



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