75% of Women Want to Pick Out Their Own Engagement Ring

October 14, 2016

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There was a survey this week about the top 10 ways guys mess up marriage proposals.  Now here's how they can get it RIGHT.  And the good news is you might not even have to worry about picking out a ring. A new survey talked to 2,000 single women, and 75% said they'd rather pick… Read More

The 10 Things Americans Fear Most

October 13, 2016

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You'd think a survey about "things Americans fear" in October would have monsters and ghosts.  But I guess this year we've got too many REAL things to focus on.  Like actual sightings of scary clowns. Here are the 10 things Americans fear most, according to a new survey by Chapman University in Southern California.  … Read More

The 10 Worst Halloween Candies to Get Trick-or-Treating

October 12, 2016

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Do you have deep emotional scars from bad Halloween candy you got as a kid?  It sounds crazy . . . but I'll never forget when I sat down after trick-or-treating, and tried Milk Duds for the first time.  Never again. Mashable.com put together a list of the worst Halloween candy to get when you're… Read More

Five Subtle Signs You're Good in Bed

October 11, 2016

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  A recent survey found 75% of people think they're above average in bed.  Which statistically can't be true.  But here are five subtle signs you MIGHT actually be better than average in the sack . . . 1.  You're empathetic.  If you pay attention to other people's feelings and needs in general, you probably… Read More

Five Ways to Relax in 30 Seconds

October 10, 2016

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If you're having a hard Monday, here are five things that can help you relax in about 30 seconds.   1.  Laugh.  Studies have shown it releases tension, reduces blood pressure, and can even lower your blood sugar levels.   2.  Eat an orange, or anything else with vitamin C.  Which mostly means other types… Read More

The Greatest Reality TV Couples Ever

October 7, 2016

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Vulture.com has a comprehensive rundown of 'The 100 Greatest Reality Show Couples.'  Some of them hooked up on camera . . . some were a couple coming in . . . and others hooked up after being on TV.  Here's the Top 10: 1.  Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt . . . "The Hills", "I'm… Read More

Five Everyday Things You Didn't Know Had a Purpose

October 6, 2016

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  We found a list online of everyday things you've probably never thought about.  But they all have a purpose.  Here are five we liked . . .   1.  The hole in the top of a pen cap.  It's not some weird engineering thing that keeps it from drying out.  It just makes the… Read More

The 10 Ways Women Hate Being Described

October 4, 2016

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  There are a few words you obviously shouldn't use when you're describing a woman.  In theory, we shouldn't have to hold your hand through those . . . so today we're going to focus on the slightly LESS obvious ones. A new survey asked women what words they HATE being described with.  Here are… Read More