75% of Women Want to Pick Out Their Own Engagement Ring

October 14, 2016

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There was a survey this week about the top 10 ways guys mess up marriage proposals.  Now here’s how they can get it RIGHT.  And the good news is you might not even have to worry about picking out a ring. A new survey talked to 2,000 single women, and 75% said they’d rather pick out the ring THEMSELVES.  So guys should either use a stand-in, or no ring at all.  Here are five more stats that are kind of interesting . . .

1.  A third of the women who wanted to pick out their own ring said it was because the guy would totally botch it, and buy something they hated.



2.  About 95% of women said they want a diamond.  Only 5% said they want something else, like a ruby or an emerald.  And the average woman expects you to spend just over $1,200 on it.



3.  The ideal amount of time you should date before you propose is 25 months . . . so just over two years.



4.  25% of women said they might say NO to a proposal if it wasn’t good enough.



5.  Less than 20% of women said they have the “perfect proposal” pictured in their mind.  So the good news is most women AREN’T expecting you to be perfect, and they’re okay with a little spontaneity.



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