10 Things That Turn 10 Years Old in 2016

January 7, 2016

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It’s time to make you feel old and remind you that you’re going to die someday . . . probably sooner than you think.  Here are 10 things that celebrate their 10th anniversaries in 2016:


1.  Justin Timberlake’s “Future Sex / LoveSounds” album.  That’s the one where he brought the SEXY back.


2.  “Hannah Montana”.


3.  The CW.


4.  “Step Up”, the movie that hooked up CHANNING TATUM and JENNA DEWAN in real life.


5.  “High School Musical”.


6.  Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” album.


7.  Everyone 13 and over with a valid email address being allowed on Facebook.


8.  Suri Cruise.


9.  The “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel, “Dead Man’s Chest”.


10.  Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Pray, Love”.



(E! Online)