Eight Things on Menus That Are Way Overpriced

November 18, 2015

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Thrillist.com recently asked a bunch of chefs and restaurant owners to name the most overpriced things on menus.  Here are the top eight.


1.  Fried calamari.  It’s almost always overpriced, and it’s mostly breading.



2.  Spicy tuna rolls.  A lot of sushi chefs use old, leftover pieces of tuna when they make it, because they know the spicy sauce covers up the taste.



3.  Oysters.  When they’re served on the half-shell, they can be marked up 3,000%.



4.  “Kobe” beef.  Most places serve Kobe-STYLE beef, which is pretty much meaningless.  One chef joked it translates as, “add eight dollars.”



5.  Truffles and truffle oil.  A lot of restaurants actually use imitation truffle oil.  And even when you get real truffles, they only give you a few flecks of it.



6.  Bottled water.  A lot of restaurants have filtration systems for their tap water now.  So at least ask about it before you waste your money.



7.  Liquor.  Especially well liquor, which is more likely to give you a hangover.  You’re better off spending an extra dollar or two to get something decent.



8.  Anything with lobster in it.  They almost never put GOOD pieces of lobster in there.  It’s usually scraps, and the tails are sold on their own.