The Ten Things We Hate the Most About Customer Service

November 6, 2015

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“Consumer Reports” just did a survey on the top 10 things people hate about customer service.  Give them credit . . . trying to narrow down a list of the things we HATE about customer service is pretty difficult.

Here are the results.  Just a few percentage points separate the top and the bottom.   So basically we hate ALL of these things . . . a LOT.


1.  Not being able to get a real human being on the phone.


2.  A salesperson who’s rude or condescending.


3.  Getting disconnected.


4.  Getting disconnected and then not being able to reach the same rep.


5.  Getting transferred to a representative who can’t help.


6.  A company that either doesn’t provide the customer service phone number, or HIDES it.


7.  Being on hold for a long time.


8.  Having to select a ton of steps on their phone menu.


9.  Representatives who keep asking for the same information.


10.  When the solution they propose is useless.



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