Nov 25

People Named Paul and Rebecca Give the Best Gifts…?



A random shopping website called Getting Personal analyzed how much people with different first names spent on gifts . . . and they figured out which people are the most generous based on their NAMES.


So their list is probably based on random chance . . . what other theory would explain it?  But it gives you a chance to judge people, so we’re HAPPY to talk about it.



The five men who spend the most on presents are named Paul . . . David . . . Mark . . . Andrew . . . and Chris.



The five CHEAPEST men are named Adam . . . Lee . . . Ben . . . Steven . . . and Martin.



The five women who spend the most on presents are named Rebecca . . . Karen . . . Julie . . . Sarah . . . and Jane.



The five cheapest women are named Patricia . . . Diane . . . Gillian . . . Janet . . . and Kerry.



(The Independent)

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Nov 23

Seven Things Men Wish Women Would Do on Dates





We recently saw a list of things women wish men would do on first dates.  Well, the tables have turned . . . here’s what MEN wish WOMEN would do.



1.  Make a definite first move to establish whether you’re doing a handshake, a hug, or a kiss on the cheek.



2.  Cut him some slack if the conversation is a little slow at first . . . he’s a dude, and the second date should be better.



3.  Offer to pay even if he refuses to let you . . . it shows you’re at least interested enough.



4.  Don’t talk badly about your ex.



5.  Touch him on the hand or arm to let him know you’re into him.



6.  If he’s divorced, don’t ask about it until at least the third date.



7.  If he calls you after the date . . . and you’re interested . . . ANSWER.  Because a phone call means he’s REALLY interested.



(Huffington Post)

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Nov 18

Eight Things on Menus That Are Way Overpriced

ThinkstockPhotos-466258291 recently asked a bunch of chefs and restaurant owners to name the most overpriced things on menus.  Here are the top eight.


1.  Fried calamari.  It’s almost always overpriced, and it’s mostly breading.



2.  Spicy tuna rolls.  A lot of sushi chefs use old, leftover pieces of tuna when they make it, because they know the spicy sauce covers up the taste.



3.  Oysters.  When they’re served on the half-shell, they can be marked up 3,000%.



4.  “Kobe” beef.  Most places serve Kobe-STYLE beef, which is pretty much meaningless.  One chef joked it translates as, “add eight dollars.”



5.  Truffles and truffle oil.  A lot of restaurants actually use imitation truffle oil.  And even when you get real truffles, they only give you a few flecks of it.



6.  Bottled water.  A lot of restaurants have filtration systems for their tap water now.  So at least ask about it before you waste your money.



7.  Liquor.  Especially well liquor, which is more likely to give you a hangover.  You’re better off spending an extra dollar or two to get something decent.



8.  Anything with lobster in it.  They almost never put GOOD pieces of lobster in there.  It’s usually scraps, and the tails are sold on their own.




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Nov 6

The Ten Things We Hate the Most About Customer Service



“Consumer Reports” just did a survey on the top 10 things people hate about customer service.  Give them credit . . . trying to narrow down a list of the things we HATE about customer service is pretty difficult.

Here are the results.  Just a few percentage points separate the top and the bottom.   So basically we hate ALL of these things . . . a LOT.


1.  Not being able to get a real human being on the phone.


2.  A salesperson who’s rude or condescending.


3.  Getting disconnected.


4.  Getting disconnected and then not being able to reach the same rep.


5.  Getting transferred to a representative who can’t help.


6.  A company that either doesn’t provide the customer service phone number, or HIDES it.


7.  Being on hold for a long time.


8.  Having to select a ton of steps on their phone menu.


9.  Representatives who keep asking for the same information.


10.  When the solution they propose is useless.



(Yahoo Finance)

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Nov 4

The Ten Unhealthiest Jobs in America



If you hate your job, look on the bright side:  It’s only destroying your SOUL, not your body.  That counts as a “bright side,” right?

A new study just ranked the UNHEALTHIEST jobs in America.  It’s based on factors like exposure to diseases and radiation . . . risk of minor and major injuries . . . and how much time you spend sitting.  Here’s the top 10 . . .


1.  Dentists and dental hygienists.


2.  Flight attendants.


3.  Anesthesiologists.


4.  Veterinarians.


5.  Podiatrists.


6.  Immigration and customs inspectors.


7.  Histotechnologists.  They take tissue samples from diseased people and animals, and prepare them for analysis.


8.  Water and waste water treatment plant workers.


9.  Stationary engineers and boiler operators.


10.  Surgical assistants.



(Business Insider

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