The Ten Things You Need to Fall in Love

October 5, 2015

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An expert on robots wrote a book where he says he’s figured out the ten things that make people fall in love.  So . . . take this with a grain of salt.


1.  Similarities.  Because then it’s easier to imagine them liking you back.



2.  “Reciprocal liking,” which is just a stupid way of saying they DO like you back.



3.  Desirable characteristics.  Meaning their personality and appearance.



4.  Relationship readiness.  Meaning you WANT to be in a relationship.



5.  Alone time together.



6.  An air of mystery.



7.  Social acceptability.  Meaning your friends and family approve.



8.  They fulfill you in some way.



9.  Excitement.  You’re more likely to fall for someone when things are exciting, stressful, or even dangerous.  That’s why it’s easy to fall in love during an AFFAIR.



10.  An X-factor.  Something REALLY specific you like about them.  It could be anything from their hair to their sense of humor.



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