The Ten Things We Fight Over During a Big Break-Up

September 24, 2015

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A recent survey found that 40% of arguments during a divorce have to do with stuff you own, and who gets to keep it.  Here are the top ten things people fight over during a break-up . . .


1.  The car.  Obviously that’s only in a divorce, or a long-term relationship where you bought one together.


2.  Photos.  Which is kind of weird.  Do you really care about hard copies anymore?


3.  Sentimental items.


4.  The TV. 


5.  Computers and tablets.


6.  The bed, because obviously you’ll both need one.


7.  The sofa.


8.  Heirlooms.  Which is a weird one, since it’s only an heirloom for ONE of you, right?  Whoever got it from their relative should keep it.


9.  Appliances like the washer and dryer.


10.  Records and CDs.  I guess even if they’re in your iTunes, you don’t want the other person to have all your music.



And somehow, PETS didn’t make the list.



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