People With iPhones Prefer Superman . . . Android Users Prefer Batman

September 22, 2015

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Yahoo did one of those dumb surveys where they ask 1,000 iPhone and Android users random questions, to see if they like different stuff.  And they SORT of did, but it’s not very scientific . . . at all.  Here’s what they found.

1.  Apple owners claimed to be better educated and make more money.  People with Androids tended to be slightly older, and more likely to live in the Midwest or the East.  Politically, they’re pretty much the same.

2.  If they HAD to choose one pet for the rest of their life, both groups picked dogs over cats.  But Android users were a little more likely to like cats.

3.  They both tend to like rock most overall, but more iPhone users like classical music, and more Android users like hip-hop.

4.  40% of iPhone users would choose to get around in a chauffeur-driven town car, but only a third of Android users would.  We’re not sure what the point of that question was . . . maybe to see who was snobbier?

5.  Both groups like pizza the best, and Chinese food second.  But more iPhone users like sushi, so . . . again with the snob thing.  And both groups prefer a cold beer the most, but more iPhone users than Android users chose white wine.

6.  And finally, both groups picked Superman over Batman, and “Star Wars” over “Star Trek” . . . but Android users were a little more likely to choose Batman and “Star Trek”.