Five Phrases Young People Use, and What They Mean

September 15, 2015

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We found a stupid list of ‘Words and Phrases Millennials Use But No One Else Understands.’  Here are five, and what they mean.  But you’ve probably heard and already understand some of them.  Also, can we all stop saying ‘millennials’?

1.  “Sorry not sorry.”  A fake apology where you’re being sarcastic.  You’re KINDA sorry, but you want to make fun of ACTUALLY being sorry, because you don’t think the other person really deserves an apology.



2.  “I can’t even.”  It means you’re annoyed, you’re losing your patience, and you’re at a loss for words.



3.  “Perf.”  It’s just an abbreviation for “perfect.”  Like when you’re agreeing to the plans someone made, and don’t feel like typing three more letters.



4.  “TBH.”  It means “to be honest.”  And it can be followed by a joke, or a comment that’s actually sincere.



5.  “Bae.”  You’ve probably heard this one.  It just means “baby,” like when you’re referring to a significant other.  But does anyone still use it?