The Nine Best Excuses for Calling in Sick

September 9, 2015

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Have you ever come up with a crazy lie to get out of work?  Apparently you should just keep it simple.  An insurance company recently polled 1,000 business owners and CEOs to find what they consider good reasons for calling out sick.  Here are the top nine . . .


1.  You have the flu.  42% said it’s a good enough reason to miss work.  Apparently the other 58% expect you to show up in a Snuggie and work from the bathroom?


2.  Your back went out, 39%.


3.  You had some sort of accident and hurt yourself, 38%.


4.  You’re just really stressed out, 35%.  Which is interesting.  Can you imagine saying you’re just too stressed out to come in, and your boss being COOL with it?


5.  You had elective surgery, 35%.  (???)


6.  You’re depressed, 35%.


7.  You’re having an anxiety attack, 25%.


8.  You have a cold, 24%.


9.  You have a migraine, 22%.  And 8% of employers said NONE of those excuses are a good enough reason to miss work.