The Six Dumbest Classes Colleges Are Offering Right Now

August 26, 2015

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I’m not sure college kids need lessons on how to waste time on the Internet . . . they’ve been doing it since the first day they touched a computer.  But one Ivy League school wants to help them dig even deeper.

The University of Pennsylvania’s English department is offering a course this year called “Wasting Time on the Internet.”  The description says the class will, quote, “Explore the long history of recuperation of boredom and time-wasting.”



Here are five more ridiculous classes colleges are actually offering this year . . .



1.  “How to Win a Beauty Pageant:  Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity.”  It’s offered by Oberlin College’s Contemporary American Studies department.



2.  “Tree Climbing,” at Cornell University’s Physical Education department.



3.  “Tattoos, Piercing, and Body Adornment.”  It’s offered by Pitzer College’s Asian American Studies department.



4.  “Kanye Versus Everybody!” from Georgia State University’s English department.



5.  “On Being Bored,” at Brown University’s English department.



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