Six Things You Don't Know About Your Butt

August 14, 2015

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Here are six things you probably don’t know about your BUTT . . .


1.  Your butt muscles are the largest muscles in your body​.



2.  Women have bigger butts than men because of estrogen. ​ Men’s bodies tell their fat to go to their stomachs . . . women’s estrogen directs it to their butts.



3.  You can get skin cancer on your butt even if it’s covered.  Skin cancer can appear on unlikely places like between your fingers and toes, on your underarms, your butt, and even your GENITALS.



4.  There’s a word for being attracted to butts.  It’s pygophilia.



5.  A big butt is linked to intelligence.  According to a University of Oxford study, being a woman with a big butt was linked to being more intelligent, supposedly due to having more omega-3 fats which help with brain development.



6.  Your big butt also makes you less likely to get sick. That same University of Oxford study ​found that women with bigger butts are less likely to get diabetes and heart disease, even though those two things are usually associated with obesity.