This Is the Best Week to Get Flights for the Holidays

August 12, 2015

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According to the website, this week is the best time all YEAR to buy flights for the holidays.



They looked at data from last year to see when people are most likely to book, and that affects the price.   So listen up . . .



Tickets for around Christmas are 19% cheaper than normal right now.  So a ticket that’s usually $300 might be more like $240.



And tickets for Thanksgiving are about 6% cheaper.  Also, tickets for New Year’s Eve are 15% less expensive than normal, if people actually fly somewhere for that.



Don’t panic if you’re not ready to book your trip yet though, because you can still get a decent price for the next few weeks.  Tickets will just gradually get more expensive.



Like, if you book by the end of the month, a flight for around Christmas should still be 13% cheaper than normal.



And apparently two weeks before any holiday is a decent time to buy tickets.  They should be about 5% cheaper than average at that point.



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