Six Places You Forget to Put Sunscreen

August 10, 2015

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Planning on tanning any time soon?  Here are the six most common places people forget to put sunscreen . . .


1.  Your ears.  They’re just easy to forget about.  A lot of people also neglect the area around their eyes, because they don’t want to get sunscreen in them.  Which is why sunglasses are a good idea.



2.  Your left arm when you’re driving.  You can get a sunburn if you hang your arm out the window, even if you’re just driving for 20 minutes.



3.  Your scalp.  Bald guys are better about it, because obviously THEY need sunblock on their head.  But you can get burned even if you have a lot of hair.  So you should rub some sunblock in, or wear a hat.



4.  Your lips.  If you don’t have lip balm with SPF, you can use regular sunblock, and pay special attention to your LOWER lip.  You’re 12 times more likely to get skin cancer there than you are on your upper lip.



5.  The tops of your feet.  You might remember to put sunblock on them when you’re at the pool or something.  But you should also put some on if you’re planning to walk around all day in flip-flops



6.  Your back, because you have to ask someone else to do it.  And obviously it’s hard to reach, so you end up missing spots if you do it yourself.