Aug 26

The Six Dumbest Classes Colleges Are Offering Right Now


I’m not sure college kids need lessons on how to waste time on the Internet . . . they’ve been doing it since the first day they touched a computer.  But one Ivy League school wants to help them dig even deeper.

The University of Pennsylvania’s English department is offering a course this year called “Wasting Time on the Internet.”  The description says the class will, quote, “Explore the long history of recuperation of boredom and time-wasting.”



Here are five more ridiculous classes colleges are actually offering this year . . .



1.  “How to Win a Beauty Pageant:  Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity.”  It’s offered by Oberlin College’s Contemporary American Studies department.



2.  “Tree Climbing,” at Cornell University’s Physical Education department.



3.  “Tattoos, Piercing, and Body Adornment.”  It’s offered by Pitzer College’s Asian American Studies department.



4.  “Kanye Versus Everybody!” from Georgia State University’s English department.



5.  “On Being Bored,” at Brown University’s English department.



(Daily Caller)

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Aug 25

The Top Seven Things That Make a Woman Feel Loved




A new survey found the best ways you can make a woman feel loved.  And shockingly, texting a photo of your junk with the caption “All yours” didn’t make the cut.

Here are the top seven things that make a woman feel loved . . .



1.  Cooking for her.


2.  Giving her a compliment.


3.  Doing the dishes.


4.  Offering to get the groceries.


5.  Buying her a random gift.


6.  Taking her on a surprise weekend trip.


7.  Carrying her bags.




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Aug 21

JoJo Releases ‘Triangle’ of Singles



Photo: Atlantic Records

Photo: Atlantic Records


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Aug 20

[VIDEO PREMIERE] Rita Ora Ft. Chris Brown “Body On Me”

Source: video

Source: video


Rita Ora teams up with Chris Brown for her U.S. debut ‘Body On Me’. The song will be featured on her new album due at the end of the year. Watch the very intimate video below


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Aug 17

Five Random Things You Didn’t Know About Your Car



Here are five random things you might not know about your car . . .


1.  You shouldn’t be able to see your own car in your side mirrors.  It’s safer if you can see OTHER cars.  So you’re supposed to position them so you can almost see the sides of your car, but not quite.



2.  Here’s how to cool down the inside of your car in under a minute.  If you parked in the sun, roll down the driver’s side window, then open and close the passenger’s side door five to ten times.  It recirculates the air, and makes it up to 10 degrees cooler.



3.  Pressing your key remote under your chin increases its range.  Which can help the next time you can’t find your car in a parking lot.  Basically, it turns your head into a giant antenna . . . but it won’t hurt you.



4.  Driving with the A/C on is safer.  Studies show your chances of falling asleep at the wheel start going up if it’s warmer than about 71 degrees in your car.  And on average, your reaction time is 22% slower at 80 degrees than it is at 71.



5.  Your air conditioner filters out up to 88% of the pollen in the air.  So it’s a good idea to use it when your allergies flare up.



(PR Newswire / Tested / Distractify / NY Times)

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Aug 14

Six Things You Don’t Know About Your Butt



Here are six things you probably don’t know about your BUTT . . .


1.  Your butt muscles are the largest muscles in your body​.



2.  Women have bigger butts than men because of estrogen. ​ Men’s bodies tell their fat to go to their stomachs . . . women’s estrogen directs it to their butts.



3.  You can get skin cancer on your butt even if it’s covered.  Skin cancer can appear on unlikely places like between your fingers and toes, on your underarms, your butt, and even your GENITALS.



4.  There’s a word for being attracted to butts.  It’s pygophilia.



5.  A big butt is linked to intelligence.  According to a University of Oxford study, being a woman with a big butt was linked to being more intelligent, supposedly due to having more omega-3 fats which help with brain development.



6.  Your big butt also makes you less likely to get sick. That same University of Oxford study ​found that women with bigger butts are less likely to get diabetes and heart disease, even though those two things are usually associated with obesity.




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Aug 12

Ice Cube & Fallon Explain What N.W.A. Does Not Mean


With the brand new movie Straight Outta Compton hitting theaters this week, Ice Cube stopped by the Jimmy Fallon Show to explain what N.W.A. DOES NOT stand for. Check out the hilarity

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Aug 12

This Is the Best Week to Get Flights for the Holidays




According to the website, this week is the best time all YEAR to buy flights for the holidays.



They looked at data from last year to see when people are most likely to book, and that affects the price.   So listen up . . .



Tickets for around Christmas are 19% cheaper than normal right now.  So a ticket that’s usually $300 might be more like $240.



And tickets for Thanksgiving are about 6% cheaper.  Also, tickets for New Year’s Eve are 15% less expensive than normal, if people actually fly somewhere for that.



Don’t panic if you’re not ready to book your trip yet though, because you can still get a decent price for the next few weeks.  Tickets will just gradually get more expensive.



Like, if you book by the end of the month, a flight for around Christmas should still be 13% cheaper than normal.



And apparently two weeks before any holiday is a decent time to buy tickets.  They should be about 5% cheaper than average at that point.



(Business Wire)

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Aug 10

Six Places You Forget to Put Sunscreen




Planning on tanning any time soon?  Here are the six most common places people forget to put sunscreen . . .


1.  Your ears.  They’re just easy to forget about.  A lot of people also neglect the area around their eyes, because they don’t want to get sunscreen in them.  Which is why sunglasses are a good idea.



2.  Your left arm when you’re driving.  You can get a sunburn if you hang your arm out the window, even if you’re just driving for 20 minutes.



3.  Your scalp.  Bald guys are better about it, because obviously THEY need sunblock on their head.  But you can get burned even if you have a lot of hair.  So you should rub some sunblock in, or wear a hat.



4.  Your lips.  If you don’t have lip balm with SPF, you can use regular sunblock, and pay special attention to your LOWER lip.  You’re 12 times more likely to get skin cancer there than you are on your upper lip.



5.  The tops of your feet.  You might remember to put sunblock on them when you’re at the pool or something.  But you should also put some on if you’re planning to walk around all day in flip-flops



6.  Your back, because you have to ask someone else to do it.  And obviously it’s hard to reach, so you end up missing spots if you do it yourself.




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