The Top Ten Vacation Fantasies

July 9, 2015

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There’s a new survey about people’s top vacation fantasies, and I love the results . . . because it shows how “fantasy” means such different things to different people.

For some, it’s sex . . . for some, it’s romance . . . for some, it’s wealth . . . and for some, it’s just to get their damn kids to stop screaming at each other for three days.  Here are our top 10 vacation fantasies . . .


1.  Going skinny dipping with your partner.


2.  Staying at a resort with celebrities.


3.  Horseback riding at sunset.


4.  Joining the mile-high club.


5.  Not getting into any arguments with family members.


6.  A vacation romance with a stranger.


7.  A romantic candlelit dinner.


8.  Having sex on the beach.


9.  Being rescued by a lifeguard.


10.  Getting upgraded.



(Daily Mail)