Ten Weird Benefits You're Probably Not Getting at Work

July 6, 2015

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If you got a paid day off last week, you’re probably still glowing from your three-day weekend.  Here’s something to curb that joy a little bit.

A new survey asked companies which benefits they offer, and most of them aren’t that surprising.  Like 90% have some sort of retirement plan, and 76% have free coffee.  But here are the ten weirdest benefits you’re probably NOT getting . . .


1.  14% have on-site fitness classes, and 11% offer on-site massage therapy.


2.  9% have health insurance for pets, and 8% allow pets at work.


3.  9% pay for the mini-bar if you stay at a hotel on business, and 4% will also cover your pay-per-view bill.


4.  8% of companies give employees a paid day off for their BIRTHDAY.


5.  5% have an on-site vegetable garden at work.


6.  2% offer UNLIMITED paid time off, and 3% offer unlimited sick days.


7.  2% will help women pay to have their eggs frozen.


8.  2% do a take-your-PARENT-to-work day.  (???)


9.  2% offer on-site haircuts.


10.  2% have a room at work that’s specifically for taking naps.