75% of Us Argue in the Car . . . Here Are the Seven Reasons Why

July 3, 2015

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If you’re getting ready for a Fourth of July road trip, get ready to ARGUE.  Sorry, but it’s pretty much inevitable. A new survey found 75% of people say they get into arguments in the car.  Here are the top seven reasons why . . .

1.  Backseat driving, 48%.



2.  Frustration over being stuck in traffic, 28%.



3.  Disagreeing about how to handle other drivers, 27%.  They didn’t say what they meant by that, but we assume it means arguing over whether to honk at someone, pass someone, flip someone off, and stuff like that.



4.  Running late because someone took too long to get ready, 27%.



5.  Disagreeing about speed, 15%.



6.  What music to listen to, 10%.



7.  Kids fighting with each other, 9%.



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