Five Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

June 10, 2015

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Bob Vila doesn’t have a home improvement show anymore, but he does have a website.  And according to, here are five home repairs you should never pay someone to do, because they’re easy enough to do yourself . . .


1.  Fixing a squeaky door.  Just spray some WD-40 on the hinge.  If that doesn’t work, take the pin out with pliers . . . coat it with some Vaseline . . . and tap it back in.  Just keep the door closed, so all the weight isn’t hanging off the other hinge.



2.  Replacing an electrical outlet.  All you do is remove the front plate, take out two screws, and connect three wires to the new outlet.  You just have to make sure the electricity is off.  If you’ve never done it, watch a YouTube video first.



3.  A leak under your sink.  You MIGHT need a plumber, but most of the time there’s just food stuck in the U-shaped part of the pipe.  You just have to unscrew that part, and clean it out.



4.  A small hole in the wall.  All you need is some spackling paste, and a little paint to touch it up after it dries.  There’s even a thing called a Patch Stick, where the top of the bottle is the putty knife you use to spread it on.



5.  A running toilet.  It’s usually a problem with the flapper, which is the rubber plug attached to the chain inside the tank.  You might need a new one, or there might just be a kink in the chain, and that’s why it’s not shutting the whole way.