Jun 26

Here’s How the Average American Spends Their Day


  BusinessInsider.com just analyzed Census data to figure out how the average American spends their day.  Here’s the full breakdown . . .


*Sleeping, eight hours and 48 minutes.


*Working, three hours and 36 minutes.  That’s because weekends and unemployed people pull the average way down.


*Watching TV, two hours and 49 minutes.


*Doing stuff around the house, one hour and 46 minutes.


*Leisure activities like surfing the internet, one hour and 29 minutes.


*Eating and drinking, one hour and 10 minutes.


*Personal care, including showering, 47 minutes.


*Shopping, 44 minutes.


*Taking care of and helping other people, 43 minutes.


*Socializing and communicating, 43 minutes.


*Activities like going to church, 33 minutes.


*Education, 25 minutes.


*Exercise and sports, 17 minutes.


*Communicating over the phone, text, and email, eight minutes. 



(That comes out to about 24 hours and nine minutes, because of rounding.)



(Business Insider)

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Jun 24

The Seven Most Unhealthy Things You Can Order at a Food Court

ThinkstockPhotos-478211454 (1)



A website called EatThis.com ranked the most unhealthy things you can order at a mall food court.  Here are the top seven . . .


1.  Worst snack:  Auntie Anne’s Pepperoni Pretzel with Hot Salsa Cheese Dip.  It’s a pretzel with pepperoni on it, and it’s 570 calories.



2.  Worst pizza:  Sbarro Stuffed Sausage and Pepperoni, 810 calories per slice.



3.  Worst Chinese food:  Panda Express Orange Chicken with Fried Rice.  It has 900 calories and 34 grams of fat.



4.  Worst frozen treat:  A Brownie Cookie Dough Blizzard from Dairy Queen, 1,150 calories.



5.  Worst burger:  Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger, 920 calories.



6.  Worst sandwich:  Panera’s Steak and White Cheddar Panini, 1,050 calories.



7.  Worst overall:  The Caramel Pecanbon at Cinnabon.  It’s 1,080 calories with 51 grams of fat, and almost half of that is saturated fat.



(Daily Mail)

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Jun 22

The Eight Biggest Fashion Mistakes Men Make



When the whole metrosexual trend started last decade, we thought maybe it would create some lasting change and men would be fashion conscious forever.  Well . . . nope.


A new survey found the eight biggest fashion mistakes men make.  Check ‘em out.



1.  Wearing too many accessories . . . like hats, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.


2.  T-shirts with ironic or childish phrases.


3.  Mixing patterns.


4.  Dad jeans.


5.  Wearing a backpack in a professional setting.


6.  Suits that don’t fit.


7.  Running shoes with jeans.


8.  Dress shirts that don’t fit. 



(Daily Mail

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Jun 17

Five Tips for Buying Sunglasses



Summer officially starts this Sunday.  According to eye doctors, here are five tips for buying a good pair of sunglasses . . .


 1.  Make sure they have 100% U.V. protection.   U.V. rays are radiation from the sun that can make you develop cataracts.  And a survey last year found less than half of us check the U.V. sticker on sunglasses before we buy them.



So check the tag the next time you buy a cheap pair at a gas station.  Some of those only block about 40% of U.V. rays.



2.  Big sunglasses are better, because they keep more of the U.V. rays out.  Ideally they should be oversized, and wrap around your face.



3.  The color of the lenses doesn’t matter, and neither does how dark they are.  Lighter lenses can still block all of the U.V. rays.



4.  Polarized lenses reduce glare, not necessarily U.V. exposure.  So if you’re buying polarized sunglasses, make sure they block 100% of U.V. rays too.



5.  Don’t break the bank.  You don’t have to spend a hundred bucks to protect your eyes.  $10 sunglasses with 100% U.V. protection work just as well.



(PR Newswire)

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Jun 15

The Ten Things Every Man Should Own



FULL STORY:  The lifestyle website CoolMaterial.com posted a list of their picks for the 50 things every guy should own…and not all of them are stereotypical “GUY” things.  Welcome to 2015.  Here’s the top ten . . .

1.  A suit that actually fits.


2.  At least one great coffee table book.  (???)


3.  A decent bottle opener.


4.  A good pair of headphones.  Are headphones MANLY now?


5.  A bag you can use for anything.


6.  A decent watch.


7.  A sharp knife for the kitchen.


8.  A good tie.


9.  A pen that didn’t come in a pack of five.


10.  A toolbox with at least two screwdrivers, a hammer, a tape measure, and pliers.



The rest of the top 50 included a camera that’s not your cell phone . . . a good TV . . . a good bottle of whiskey . . . a Zippo . . . a comfortable pair of slippers . . . a pocket knife . . . a good grill . . . one REAL piece of art . . . and a passport.




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Jun 10

Five Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself



Bob Vila doesn’t have a home improvement show anymore, but he does have a website.  And according to BobVila.com, here are five home repairs you should never pay someone to do, because they’re easy enough to do yourself . . .


1.  Fixing a squeaky door.  Just spray some WD-40 on the hinge.  If that doesn’t work, take the pin out with pliers . . . coat it with some Vaseline . . . and tap it back in.  Just keep the door closed, so all the weight isn’t hanging off the other hinge.



2.  Replacing an electrical outlet.  All you do is remove the front plate, take out two screws, and connect three wires to the new outlet.  You just have to make sure the electricity is off.  If you’ve never done it, watch a YouTube video first.



3.  A leak under your sink.  You MIGHT need a plumber, but most of the time there’s just food stuck in the U-shaped part of the pipe.  You just have to unscrew that part, and clean it out.



4.  A small hole in the wall.  All you need is some spackling paste, and a little paint to touch it up after it dries.  There’s even a thing called a Patch Stick, where the top of the bottle is the putty knife you use to spread it on.



5.  A running toilet.  It’s usually a problem with the flapper, which is the rubber plug attached to the chain inside the tank.  You might need a new one, or there might just be a kink in the chain, and that’s why it’s not shutting the whole way.




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Jun 8

Seven Actors Who Took a Huge Pay Cut

EE British Academy Film Awards - Nominees Party - Arrivals


Sometimes it really IS about the art.  Lots of actors take massive pay cuts to make movies they’re passionate about.  Here are seven actors who did.

Although we should probably mention that pretty much all of them were already rich, and in many cases, they made out on the back end, taking a percentage of the movies’ profits in exchange for their low up-front salaries.


JONAH HILL was paid $60,000 BEFORE TAXES for “Wolf of Wall Street”, because he wanted to work with Martin Scorsese that badly.  He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, so it was worth it.


Two years after turning down $15 million to star in a “Magnum P.I.” movie, MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY was paid $200,000 for “Dallas Buyer’s Club”.  The gamble resulted in a Best Actor Oscar.


Maroon 5 singer ADAM LEVINE was paid NOTHING to star opposite Keira Knightley in “Begin Again”.  His philosophy was basically that he doesn’t NEED the money, so he can dip his toes into acting slowly, in small projects.


TOM CRUISE took almost no salary for “Mission:  Impossible – Ghost Protocol”.  But he made huge money off the back end, so this one’s kind of a cheat.


RYAN GOSLING was hot after “The Notebook” . . . but instead of cashing in, he took a salary of $1,000 a week to play a drug-addicted teacher in “Half Nelson”.  He got an Oscar nomination for Best Actor out of it.


ETHAN HAWKE took little salary and a percentage of the profits for the horror flick “The Purge”.  He even claimed he slept on the director’s couch because he didn’t have a trailer.  But the movie was enough of a hit that he made a few bucks.


GEORGE CLOONEY only took $120,000 to write, direct, and star in “Good Night, and Good Luck”.  And he was paid $300,000 for “The Descendants”.  Both movies scored multiple Oscar nominations.



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Jun 5

Four Weird Scientific Theories About Meeting Someone

Photo: telegraph.co.uk

Photo: telegraph.co.uk


Here are four weird theories about how you fall for someone . . . that are actually backed by SCIENCE.


1.  It only takes four minutes to fall in love.  Sort of.  According to a study in the “New York Times”, four minutes of staring at someone might be enough to fall in love.  (And if you answer these 36 questions together, you’re even MORE likely to.)



2.  We look for someone who’s like our family.  This is based on the idea that we like familiarity . . . and subconsciously search for that in a partner.



3.  It’s like cocaine.  According to a study from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, the way our brains light up when we’re in love is the same way they would if we were high on cocaine.



4.  Diet plays a role.  According to a study from the dating app Are You Interested, men were more likely to contact vegetarian women, while women were more likely to hit up meat-eaters.



(Your Tango)

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Jun 4

Five Mistakes You’re Making with Booze



Here are five mistakes you might be making with booze . . .


1.  Using a frosted beer glass.  It makes it foam up, and kills the flavor.  Plus, it doesn’t really make the beer that much colder.



2.  Letting the champagne cork pop off.  The right way to open champagne is to untwist the wire thing on the cork, but leave it on.  Then put your thumb on top of it, hold onto the cork, and twist the BOTTLE.



3.  Tilting your glass too much or too little when you pour beer.  The right way to keep the foam down is to hold the glass at a 45-degree angle.



4.  Letting the bottle touch the glass when you pour wine.  Apparently you’re a classless heathen if you do that.



5.  Taking Tylenol for a hangover.  The alcohol in your system makes acetaminophen toxic for your liver.  Which is why aspirin and ibuprofen are better.



In fact, men who regularly take Tylenol aren’t supposed to have more than two drinks a day.  And for women, it’s one drink.



(The Drinks Business / Huffington Post / Yahoo / Harvard Health Content)

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Jun 1

The Ten Most Annoying Office Habits



Is it possible to work with people and NOT let them drive you crazy?  We’ve got a new list here of the top 10 most annoying office habits.  Check ‘em out . . .


1.  Talking loudly on the phone.


2.  Sharing too much information about personal things.


3.  Asking for help with the same tech problems over and over, instead of learning how to fix them or avoid causing them.


4.  Going to meetings late, so other people have to repeat what they already said.


5.  Making a mess in the break room and not cleaning it up.


6.  Posting passive-aggressive notes instead of talking to people directly about your issues.


7.  Finishing the coffee and not brewing a new pot.


8.  Hoarding office supplies.


9.  Gossiping about everyone.


10.  Listening to music loudly, or singing and whistling along.




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