The Five Worst Foods for Your Skin

April 21, 2015

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When it comes to taking care of your skin, people always worry about the sun.  But you need to think about what you EAT too.  Here are the five worst foods for your skin . . .



1.  Sugar.  It causes something called glycation.  It’s when sugar molecules bond with the collagen molecules in your skin, and make it less flexible.  It also happens with foods that get broken down into sugar by your body, like bread and pasta.



2.  Potatoes and grains, partly because they get broken down as sugar.  But also because your body has to use certain minerals like zinc to metabolize them.  And a lot of those minerals are important for your skin.



3.  Fast food.  Because it’s loaded with trans fat and hydrogenated fat.  They make the cells in your skin stiffen up, and also cause inflammation.  Fried food has a lot of it too.



4.  Processed meats, like hot dogs and lunchmeat.  They’re high in salt, which makes you bloated.  And your body has to use a lot of vitamin C to deal with them, which is bad for your skin, because you need vitamin C to create collagen.



5.  Alcohol . . . again because it’s sugar, and it robs your body of vitamins and minerals.  But it also dehydrates you, which makes your skin age faster.



Caffeine dehydrates you too, so you should have one glass of water for every cup of coffee you drink.  The water in the coffee doesn’t count.