The Ten Best Snacks to Eat at Your Desk

April 13, 2015

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Before you take down a bag of chips when you need a snack today, see if anything on this list appeals to you.  Someone came up with the ten easiest things to snack on at your desk, that are also cheap AND healthy.


1.  Almonds.  They fill you up, because they have more fiber than other nuts.


2.  Low-fat popcorn.


3.  Fresh fruit or dried fruit.


4.  Dry cereal.  Just make sure it’s somewhat healthy.  Don’t scarf down a box of Lucky Charms.


5.  Protein bars.  Look for one that’s under 200 calories, and has fruit and nuts in it.


6.  Pretzels.  Just don’t eat too many.


7.  A frozen banana.  Which is good for summer.


8.  String cheese or cottage cheese.  The protein keeps your blood sugar stable, so you don’t get tired.


9.  Vegetables and hummus.  The chickpeas in the hummus have a lot of fiber, protein, calcium, and iron.


10.  Apples with peanut butter.  Just don’t overdo it with the peanut butter.  If you want to be extra healthy, go with almond butter instead.



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