[New] The Top Ten Things That Distract Teenage Drivers

March 30, 2015

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Photo: expertbeacon.com

Photo: expertbeacon.com


FULL STORY:  Triple-A recently looked at 1,700 car crashes where teenagers were driving, and texting WASN’T the number one cause . . . but it was up there.  Here are the top ten things that distract teenage drivers . . .


1.  Interacting with other passengers, 14.9%.  Which is why it’s so dangerous for kids to drive around with a car full of friends.


2.  Using their cellphone . . . so texting, talking, and GPS, 11.9%.


3.  Getting distracted by something else in the car, 10.6%.


4.  Getting distracted by something OUTSIDE the car, 9%.


5.  Singing or dancing in their seat, 7.7%.


6.  Reaching for an object, 5.6%.


7.  Personal grooming . . . meaning looking in the mirror, or doing their make-up, 5.5%.


8.  Getting distracted by a pedestrian or another driver, 4.4%.


9.  Taking their eyes off the road to operate the controls, 3.3%.


10.  Eating or drinking, 1.7%.



(AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)