The Ten Things Every Guy Should Know

March 23, 2015

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A new survey polled guys and found the top 10 things every man should know.  But don’t worry . . . it’s talking about modern men.  No one expects you to do things REAL men used to, like changing your own oil or rustling cattle.


Here are the top 10 things every man should know . . .


1.  His wedding anniversary.


2.  Basic home repairs.


3.  How to change a light bulb.


4.  How to tie a tie.


5.  How to read a map.


6.  His significant other’s favorite drink.


7.  How to iron a shirt.


8.  How to change a tire.


9.  How to shave.


10.  The right amount of aftershave or cologne to wear.






(You can check out the full top 50 here)