7% of People Don't Get Rid of Their Mattress Until It Starts Smelling

March 18, 2015

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Photo: dcoist.com

Photo: dcoist.com

There are different theories on how long you should go before you replace your mattress . . . five years, seven years, whatever.  But THIS isn’t a theory, it’s fact:  If it smells like a pile of dead raccoons, it’s time to replace it.

According to a new survey, it turns out VERY few people are in a hurry to replace their mattress.  Probably because they’re so expensive . . . and the people who sell them are annoying and shady.


The study found that 55% say they’ll get a new one once their current one loses its firmness . . .



16% will wait until they start having back pain because of it . . .



11% have no plans to replace it EVER.



And 7% of people won’t replace their current mattress until it develops a nasty SMELL.



In other words . . . only about one in 10 people will actually be proactive about replacing their mattress BEFORE something goes bad.