A Unique Slang Term From Each State

March 13, 2015

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Photo: opnlttr.com

Photo: opnlttr.com

 There is a disclaimer on this list . . . it’s based on the opinions and research of one woman at Yahoo Travel.  So if anything’s inaccurate, blame her. 


The woman polled people all over the country to find a unique slang term from all 50 states.  Here are our 12 favorites . . .



Alaska . . . a “sourdough” is someone who’s lived there for a long time.



Connecticut . . . instead of a garage sale or yard sale, it’s a “tag sale.”



Florida . . . the slang is surprisingly southern, like, “She’s happier than a seagull with a French fry.”



Georgia . . . “that dog won’t hunt” means “something is suspicious.”  Which probably works for multiple southern states.



Indiana . . . even though it’s the Hoosier State, “hoosier” is used to describe someone who’s a redneck.



Iowa . . . instead of giving people wedgies, they call them “snuggies.”



Maryland . . . a “chicken necker” is a tourist trying to catch crabs.



Nevada . . . “pornslappers” are the guys on the Las Vegas strip slapping together strippers’ business cards to try to get people to take them.



North Carolina . . . people use “buggy” instead of shopping cart.



Rhode Island . . . instead of hot dog, they say “hot wiener.”



South Dakota . . . a “hotdish” is a casserole.  Which works in Minnesota and other Midwestern states too.



West Virginia . . . instead of Coca-Cola, they say “Co-cola.”






(You can see the full list here.)