The Nine Most Offensive Smelling Things People Eat at Work

March 4, 2015

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Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

There’s nothing like sitting at your desk when the smell of a coworker’s tuna starts wafting through the office like a poisonous gas…and you almost wish it WAS poisonous and would kill you . . . just to get you away from the smell.

The people at “Huffington Post” ranked the nine most OFFENSIVE smelling foods you can eat at the office.  See if you agree with their picks . . .


1.  Fish you reheat in the shared office microwave.


2.  Hot dogs.  They mean cheap hot dogs that smell up the place . . . not delicious hot dogs on a grill.


3.  Any other kind of fish.


4.  Kimchi.


5.  Hard-boiled eggs.


6.  Raw onions.


7.  Reheated Chinese.


8.  Fast food.


9.  Popcorn.



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