Mar 31

[New] Four April Fools’ Day Pranks That Could Cause a Break-Up



If you’re pulling an April Fools’ Day prank on your boyfriend or girlfriend tomorrow, just don’t do anything on this list.  Here are four April Fools’ Day pranks that can end up causing a break-up . . .

1.  Anything that has to do with their job, like having their boss pretend to fire them.  If they don’t realize it’s a joke, things can get ugly pretty quick, and it’s your fault.



2.  Anything that might physically hurt them.  Pranks that involve pain usually aren’t that funny.  And if something goes wrong, they could REALLY get hurt.



3.  Anything to make them think you’re cheating.  Like leaving a bunch of unwrapped condoms in the trash can.  Not a good idea.



And don’t trick THEM into cheating . . . like texting from a stranger’s phone, and pretending to be an old boyfriend or girlfriend.  You’ll just end up angry if they’re even SLIGHTLY nice when they respond.



4.  Fake proposing.  There are two ways it can backfire.  She could break-up with you . . . or she could make you feel so guilty, you have to propose for REAL.



The same thing goes for pretending you’re pregnant.  Don’t do it to your boyfriend OR your parents.  And don’t post it on Facebook just to mess with people.  Half of them won’t see the follow-up that says you’re kidding.



(YourTango /

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Mar 30

[New] The Top Ten Things That Distract Teenage Drivers




FULL STORY:  Triple-A recently looked at 1,700 car crashes where teenagers were driving, and texting WASN’T the number one cause . . . but it was up there.  Here are the top ten things that distract teenage drivers . . .


1.  Interacting with other passengers, 14.9%.  Which is why it’s so dangerous for kids to drive around with a car full of friends.


2.  Using their cellphone . . . so texting, talking, and GPS, 11.9%.


3.  Getting distracted by something else in the car, 10.6%.


4.  Getting distracted by something OUTSIDE the car, 9%.


5.  Singing or dancing in their seat, 7.7%.


6.  Reaching for an object, 5.6%.


7.  Personal grooming . . . meaning looking in the mirror, or doing their make-up, 5.5%.


8.  Getting distracted by a pedestrian or another driver, 4.4%.


9.  Taking their eyes off the road to operate the controls, 3.3%.


10.  Eating or drinking, 1.7%.



(AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)

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Mar 25

Four Ways to Get Your Student Loans Forgiven




According to a 2013 report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, more than a quarter of working Americans qualify for some type of student loan FORGIVENESS from the government.  But almost no one applies for it.

Here are four ways you might be able to make your student loans go away.


1.  Loan forgiveness for health care workers.  You might have to move to an area that doesn’t have enough doctors and nurses.  But there are government programs that will pay off tens of thousands of dollars in student debt if you’re willing to.



2.  You can have a Perkins loan forgiven if you haven’t paid it back within five years.  You have to fit certain criteria, but a lot of people do.  Firefighters, soldiers, lawyers, and even people who’ve worked at Head Start can qualify.



3.  Teacher loan forgiveness programs.  If you’re a teacher who’s willing to work at an underprivileged school, there are a few different government programs that will repay your loans for you.



4.  “Total and Permanent Disability Discharge.”  Basically if you’ve been on disability for more than five years . . . and it’s reasonable to assume you’ll be on it ANOTHER five years . . . you might be able to get your student loans forgiven.




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Mar 24

A Montage of Soldiers Getting Pranked for Falling Asleep


A video called Don’t Fall Asleep in the Military is making the rounds online.  It’s three minutes of soldiers getting woken up by pranks . . . like having hot sauce squirted in their mouth. We salute and honor all in the military, but this is FUNNY!


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Mar 23

The Ten Things Every Guy Should Know



A new survey polled guys and found the top 10 things every man should know.  But don’t worry . . . it’s talking about modern men.  No one expects you to do things REAL men used to, like changing your own oil or rustling cattle.


Here are the top 10 things every man should know . . .


1.  His wedding anniversary.


2.  Basic home repairs.


3.  How to change a light bulb.


4.  How to tie a tie.


5.  How to read a map.


6.  His significant other’s favorite drink.


7.  How to iron a shirt.


8.  How to change a tire.


9.  How to shave.


10.  The right amount of aftershave or cologne to wear.






(You can check out the full top 50 here)

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Mar 19

Are These the 10 Best TV Shows of the ’80s?




“Rolling Stone” recently polled their readers to come up with a rundown of “The 10 Best TV Shows of the 1980s.”  Here’s how the vote came out:


1.  “Cheers”, 1982-1993


2.  “Miami Vice”, 1984-1990


3.  “Hill Street Blues”, 1981-1987


4.  “Married with Children”, 1987-1997


5.  “The Wonder Years”, 1988-1993


6.  “Alf”, 1986-1990


7.  “The A-Team”, 1983-1987


8.  “Family Ties”, 1982-1989


9.  “Moonlighting”, 1985-1989


10.  “Night Court”, 1984-1992




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Mar 18

7% of People Don’t Get Rid of Their Mattress Until It Starts Smelling



There are different theories on how long you should go before you replace your mattress . . . five years, seven years, whatever.  But THIS isn’t a theory, it’s fact:  If it smells like a pile of dead raccoons, it’s time to replace it.

According to a new survey, it turns out VERY few people are in a hurry to replace their mattress.  Probably because they’re so expensive . . . and the people who sell them are annoying and shady.


The study found that 55% say they’ll get a new one once their current one loses its firmness . . .



16% will wait until they start having back pain because of it . . .



11% have no plans to replace it EVER.



And 7% of people won’t replace their current mattress until it develops a nasty SMELL.



In other words . . . only about one in 10 people will actually be proactive about replacing their mattress BEFORE something goes bad.




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Mar 13

A Unique Slang Term From Each State



 There is a disclaimer on this list . . . it’s based on the opinions and research of one woman at Yahoo Travel.  So if anything’s inaccurate, blame her. 


The woman polled people all over the country to find a unique slang term from all 50 states.  Here are our 12 favorites . . .



Alaska . . . a “sourdough” is someone who’s lived there for a long time.



Connecticut . . . instead of a garage sale or yard sale, it’s a “tag sale.”



Florida . . . the slang is surprisingly southern, like, “She’s happier than a seagull with a French fry.”



Georgia . . . “that dog won’t hunt” means “something is suspicious.”  Which probably works for multiple southern states.



Indiana . . . even though it’s the Hoosier State, “hoosier” is used to describe someone who’s a redneck.



Iowa . . . instead of giving people wedgies, they call them “snuggies.”



Maryland . . . a “chicken necker” is a tourist trying to catch crabs.



Nevada . . . “pornslappers” are the guys on the Las Vegas strip slapping together strippers’ business cards to try to get people to take them.



North Carolina . . . people use “buggy” instead of shopping cart.



Rhode Island . . . instead of hot dog, they say “hot wiener.”



South Dakota . . . a “hotdish” is a casserole.  Which works in Minnesota and other Midwestern states too.



West Virginia . . . instead of Coca-Cola, they say “Co-cola.”






(You can see the full list here.)

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Mar 11

The Six Worst Dating Moves Guys Pull




Here are the six worst dating moves guys pull when they’re not really that interested, according to a new list from “Cosmo” . . .


1.  Telling you he’s not ready for a relationship.  In other words, he’s not ready for a relationship with YOU.



2.  Saying the timing just isn’t right.  Yeah, because March is a terrible time to find someone you connect with.  That’s more of an April thing?



3.  Not texting you, but always replying to texts you send HIM.



4.  Being vague about “maybe” getting together this weekend.



5.  Or worse, mentioning “possibly” meeting up later tonight, instead of making actual plans.



6.  Wanting to be exclusive, but NOT wanting a serious relationship.  Think about it . . . what does that even mean?



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Mar 10

[Video] Big Sean Ft. Drake & Kanye West ‘Blessings’

Big Sean has his first #1 album on the Billboard 200, and now he has visuals for his song Blessings form the album Dark Sky Paradise. Be blessed and watch the video.  ***WARNING-EXPLICIT LYRICS***