On This Day In Black History

February 2, 2015

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Photo: bet.com

Photo: bet.com


Check here all month for “fast facts” in celebration of Black History Month. On This Day In Black History


February 2, 1948;

President Truman sent Congress a special message urging adoption of a civil rights program, including a fair employment practices commission and anti-lynching and anti-poll tax measures.
  •  1897; Alfred L. Cralle invented the ice cram scooper, patent #576,395
  • 1915; Biologist Ernest E. Just receives the Spingarn medal for his pioneering in cell division and fertilization
  • 1962; Seven whites and four Blacks arrested after all-night sit-in at Englewood, N.J., city hall. Four Black mothers arrested after sit-in at Chicago elementary school. Mothers later received suspended $50 fines. Protests, picketing and demonstrations continued for several weeks against de facto segregation, double shifts and mobile classrooms.

Source: blackfacts.com