A Woman Had Almost Everything Go Her Way on "The Price Is Right"

January 7, 2015

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If you weren’t watching “The Price Is Right” on Monday, then you missed one of the most amazing . . . and LUCKIEST . . . games anyone has ever played. A woman named MAGHINA LORCA was the last person called up from the audience.  So she had only one shot to get up onstage, and she did just that by getting the closest bid on a fireplace. She played the game Squeeze Play for an ATV and a motorcycle, and she WON. When she spun the wheel during the Showcase Showdown, she got ONE DOLLAR on her first spin.  Then she got a dollar on her BONUS SPIN, too . . . winning her $26,000. Needless to say, she ended the show by winning her Showcase, picking up a new car, a trip to Vienna and some bikes.  Her total earnings in cash and prizes were $59,877. Only two other things could have happened to make this the PERFECT “Price Is Right” game:

First, if her bid on the fireplace was right on the nose, she would have won an extra $500.  But she wasn’t even close on that.  She bid $800, and the fireplace was $1,400.  But she won because everyone else overbid.

Second, if she had come within $250 of the actual price of her Showcase, she would have won them BOTH.  And she actually almost did that.  She was only $679 off.  (!!!)