The Top 15 Things We Regret Posting Online

January 6, 2015

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It’s a fascinating look into at human psychology how we continuously post stupid, embarrassing, and potentially damaging stuff on social media . . . yet we REFUSE to stop.  What’s wrong with us? According to a new survey, the average person has posted 17 things on social media that they regret . . . and a LOT of those posts were made drunk.

The average person also posts 10 things every year that they quickly delete.  And one in three people have gotten in trouble with their BOSS over something they posted online.


Here are the top 15 things people most regret posting on social media . . .


1.  Unflattering photos.


2.  Drunk photos.


3.  Immature comments.


4.  Boring status updates.


5.  Emotional outbursts.


6.  Posts with an opinion you don’t have anymore.


7.  Photos of you doing things you shouldn’t have been doing.


8.  Photos in skimpy clothing or underwear.


9.  Loving comments about an ex.


10.  Bad language.


11.  Controversial opinions that got people offended.


12.  Jokes that showed bad taste.


13.  Unpleasant comments about someone.


14.  Vain selfies.


15.  Pictures of food.



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