Jan 27

10 Tips for Surviving the First Year of a New Relationship


Photo: telegraph.co.uk

Photo: telegraph.co.uk


“Cosmopolitan” has a bunch of tips on how to get through the first year of a new relationship.  Here are their 10 best pieces of advice . . .


1.  Stop picking fights about things you don’t really care about.


2.  Be generous with compliments.


3.  Spend plenty of time with your friends.  Yes, even at the beginning when you’re totally obsessed with each other.


4.  Go on dates.


5.  Try new things together . . . even if it’s just a new kind of food.


6.  Get to know their friends in doses.


7.  Make sure you tell them when something really matters to you.


8.  Don’t only tell your friends about the negative sides of your relationship.


9.  Don’t snoop.


10.  Apologize when you know you’re wrong.




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Jan 26

Uzo Aduba Gives Emotional Speech At SAG Awards

If you haven’t watched the incredible show Orange Is The New Black, I suggest you do so…pronto! Actress Uzo Aduba won her first-ever SAG Award last night as Suzanne, aka ‘Crazy Eyes’ on the critically acclaimed show. Grab the tissue and check it out. Congrats Uzo!

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Jan 23

The Top 20 Things We Constantly Worry About

Photo: thetimes.co.uk

Photo: thetimes.co.uk

I’m not sure I know anyone who lives their life completely worry-free . . . except maybe babies and the Amish.  The rest of us are all so deep into our own heads it’s amazing we haven’t all had epic meltdowns.

A new survey found the 20 most common things we constantly worry about.  Check ‘em out . . .


1.  Getting old.


2.  Your savings and financial future.


3.  Low energy levels.


4.  Your diet.


5.  Debt.


6.  Job security.


7.  Wrinkles or otherwise looking old.


8.  Your physique.


9.  Paying the rent or mortgage.


10.  Always feeling generally unhappy.


11.  Needing to find a new job.


12.  Whether or not you’re attractive.


13.  Whether or not your significant other still loves you.


14.  Finding the right partner . . . or if the partner you picked was the right person.


15.  A fight with a friend or family member.


16.  Whether or not you’re a good parent.


17.  Work goals and pressures.


18.  If you’re fashionable.


19.  Your pet’s health.


20.  Crime.



(Daily Mail)

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Jan 22

Meghan Trainor Now Has a #1 Album to Go with Her #1 Single

Photo: billboard.com

Photo: billboard.com


MEGHAN TRAINOR sold 238,000 copies of her debut full-length album, “Title”, and topped this week’s Billboard 200 chart.  She already topped the Hot 100 chart with her debut single, “All About That Bass”, back in September.

This now makes her just the 13th woman ever to score a #1 debut album AND a #1 debut Billboard Hot 100 hit in the 56 years the two charts have co-existed.

There were two other debuts in the Top 10 this week:  The “Kidz Bop 27″ compilation album started at #3 with 80,000 copies . . . and “Uptown Special” from MARK RONSON moved 77,000 copies at #5.

Here are this week’s Top 10 albums . . .


1.  NEW:  “Title”, Meghan Trainor . . . 238,000 copies


2.  “1989”, Taylor Swift . . . 131,000 copies


3.  NEW:  The “Kidz Bop 27″ compilation album . . . 80,000 copies


4.  “x”, Ed Sheeran . . . 77,000 copies


5.  NEW:  “Uptown Special”, Mark Ronson . . . 77,000 copies


6.  “The Pinkprint”, Nicki Minaj . . . 54,000 copies


7.  “In the Lonely Hour”, Sam Smith . . . 50,000 copies


8.  “V”, Maroon 5 . . . 48,000 copies


9.  Hozier’s self-titled album . . . 42,000 copies


10.  “2014 Forest Hills Drive”, J. Cole . . . 38,000 copies

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Jan 21

The Unhealthiest Thing on the Menu at 10 Fast Food Joints

Photo: medicaldaily.com

Photo: medicaldaily.com


Pretty much EVERY type of fast food is bad for you.  But if your go-to item is any of THIS stuff, you might want to change things up.  Here’s the unhealthiest thing on the menu at ten fast food joints.


1.  At Starbucks . . . it’s the Eggnog Latte.  A venti has 620 calories and 29 grams of fat.

2.  At Kentucky Fried Chicken . . . the pot pie.  Obviously it’s better than eating an entire bucket of chicken.  But as far as single items go, it’s the worst with 790 calories and 45 grams of fat.

3.  At Chick-Fil-A . . . the Sausage Breakfast Platter.  810 calories with 54 grams of fat.

4.  At Subway . . . it’s the footlong Spicy Italian Sub.  960 calories and 48 grams of fat.

5.  At Cinnabon . . . the Caramel Pecanbon.  1,080 calories and 50 grams of fat.

6.  At McDonald’s . . . it’s the Big Breakfast Platter.  Which comes with sausage, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and a biscuit.  1,090 calories and 56 grams of fat.

7.  At Wendy’s . . . the Hot ‘n’ Juicy Triple burger.  1,090 calories and 66 grams of fat.

8.  At Taco Bell . . . the Double-XL Steak Nachos.  1,190 calories and 60 grams of fat.

9.  At Chipotle . . . the Carnitas Burrito.  1,365 calories and 66 grams of fat.

10.  At Burger King . . . the Ultimate Breakfast Platter.  Which is basically the same as the McDonald’s breakfast but bigger.  It’s sausage, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and a biscuit, for a total of 1,420 calories and 79 grams of fat.



(Business Insider)

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Jan 20

Four Ways Your Underwear Can Affect Your Health

Photo: regularunderwear.blogspot.com

Photo: regularunderwear.blogspot.com

Tighty-whities turn 80 years old today.  A company in Chicago started selling them on January 19th, 1935.  Before that, guys mostly wore boxer shorts, long underwear, or nothing.  Here are four ways your underwear can affect your HEALTH.


1.  Fertility.  You’ve probably heard that tighty-whities can affect a guy’s sperm count.  And studies HAVE actually backed that up.  It has to do with temperature.

Ideally, a guy’s junk should be two or three degrees cooler than his body temperature.  But tight underwear prevents that, because it keeps everything closer to the body.

2.  Silk underwear can give you jock itch.  Most of the time, jock itch is caused by a combination of eczema, a slight fungal infection, and sweat.  And silk isn’t very absorbent, so people with jock itch are usually told to wear cotton underwear.

3.  Spanx can give you nerve pain.  They’ve been linked to something called “meralgia paresthetica”.  (Pronounced mer-AL-gee-uh pair-es-THET-ica.)

Basically, they irritate the nerves in your abdomen and thighs, and cause tingling, numbness, or burning.  It usually goes away if you stop wearing them though.

4.  Black underwear can give you a rash.  A compound called PPD is used as black dye in a lot of CHEAP underwear.  And a lot of people are allergic to it.



(Daily Mail / EverydayHealth / WebMD)

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Jan 16

[Friday Funny] The Price Is Right #Fail

Yesterday, the announcer on “The Price Is Right” . . . GEORGE GRAY . . . BIT IT while he was jogging on a treadmill that was a prize in a game called “Most Expensive”. He was being goofy by jogging backwards, and it didn’t quite work out for him.  He’s okay though. Have a look…and a laugh!

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Jan 13

Five Food Myths You Probably Still Believe

Photo: thespiritscience.net

Photo: thespiritscience.net


Did you know the idea that coffee can stunt a kid’s growth is actually a MYTH?  It can cause other problems, but there’s no evidence it affects their height in any way.  Here are five more myths about food that most people think are true.


1.  Multigrain bread is good for you.  It MIGHT be, depending on the brand.  But the word “multigrain” just means there’s more than one type of grain in it.  And it could still be REFINED grains, which don’t have as much fiber and nutrients as whole grains do.

2.  Sugar makes kids hyperactive.  A huge study in 1995 found basically ZERO connection between kids’ behavior and how much sugar they ate.

3.  Vitamin C helps prevent colds.  A study in 2013 found it’s only true for people who get a crazy amount of exercise, like marathon runners.  For the rest of us, it might shorten the DURATION of a cold.  But it won’t actually prevent you from getting sick.

4.  Diabetes comes from eating too much sugar.  It can, but not necessarily.  Diabetes has to do with gaining weight.  So you can develop it from eating too much of ANYTHING, not just sugar.

5.  Celery is a negative-calorie food.  Meaning you burn more calories consuming it than are actually IN it.  But in reality, there AREN’T any negative calorie foods.

A large stalk of celery has about 10 calories.  But your only burn about two calories eating and digesting it.  (Buzzfeed / NY Times / BBC / MNT / BBC)

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Jan 9

Three Weird Tricks to Help You Sleep Better

Photo: mirror.co.uk

Photo: mirror.co.uk


It takes about ten days to change your sleep schedule.  Meaning that if you wake up at the same time for ten days straight, your body will start doing it naturally . . . as long as you get enough sleep.  Here are three tricks that can help.


1.  Set a nighttime alarm.  Meaning an alarm to remind you it’s almost time for bed.  According to one expert, if you need to get in bed by 11, an alarm reminding you at 10:30 will make you more likely to actually DO it.

2.  Try a computer program called “Flux“.  It’s available for PC’s and Macs, and automatically dims your screen at night.  You probably know this by now, but staring at a bright screen tricks your body into thinking the sun is still up, so you don’t feel tired.

3.  Get some ACTUAL sun as soon as you wake up.  Sitting in the sun for just 10 or 15 minutes can help wake you up.  And it also resets your internal clock, so you’re more likely to feel tired later that night.





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Jan 8

Being a Radio Personality Is One of the Ten Most Stressful Jobs?


There’s more to being a radio personality than glamour, fame, and orgies on piles of money.  Maybe NOW you’ll appreciate us . . .LOL According to a new study by CareerCast.com, “BROADCASTER” is the seventh most stressful job you can have.  They looked at 11 different kinds of job demands that evoke stress, both physical AND mental.  Here are the ten most stressful jobs . . .


1.  Firefighter.


2.  Member of the military.


3.  General in the military.


4.  Airline pilot.


5.  Police officer.


6.  Actor.


7.  Broadcaster . . . you’re welcome, America.


8.  Event coordinator.


9.  Photojournalist.


10.  Newspaper reporter.



They also ranked the LEAST stressful jobs you can have.  That’s usually a combination of job security, a good hiring outlook, salary, and few physical demands or deadlines.  The top ten are . . .



1.  Hair stylist.


2.  Audiologist . . . which is someone who tests people’s hearing.


3.  University professor.  Specifically ones who have tenure.


4.  Medical records technician.


5.  Jeweler.


6.  Medical laboratory technician.


7.  Tailor.


8.  Dietician.


9.  Librarian.


10.  Forklift operator.




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