10 Tips for Surviving the First Year of a New Relationship

January 27, 2015

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    "Cosmopolitan" has a bunch of tips on how to get through the first year of a new relationship.  Here are their 10 best pieces of advice . . .   1.  Stop picking fights about things you don't really care about.   2.  Be generous with compliments.   3.  Spend plenty of time with… Read More

Uzo Aduba Gives Emotional Speech At SAG Awards

January 26, 2015

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http://youtu.be/HIB7p0bJqdw If you haven't watched the incredible show Orange Is The New Black, I suggest you do so...pronto! Actress Uzo Aduba won her first-ever SAG Award last night as Suzanne, aka 'Crazy Eyes' on the critically acclaimed show. Grab the tissue and check it out. Congrats Uzo! Read More

The Top 20 Things We Constantly Worry About

January 23, 2015

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I'm not sure I know anyone who lives their life completely worry-free . . . except maybe babies and the Amish.  The rest of us are all so deep into our own heads it's amazing we haven't all had epic meltdowns. A new survey found the 20 most common things we constantly worry about.  Check… Read More

Meghan Trainor Now Has a #1 Album to Go with Her #1 Single

January 22, 2015

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  MEGHAN TRAINOR sold 238,000 copies of her debut full-length album, "Title", and topped this week's Billboard 200 chart.  She already topped the Hot 100 chart with her debut single, "All About That Bass", back in September. This now makes her just the 13th woman ever to score a #1 debut album AND a #1… Read More

Four Ways Your Underwear Can Affect Your Health

January 20, 2015

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Tighty-whities turn 80 years old today.  A company in Chicago started selling them on January 19th, 1935.  Before that, guys mostly wore boxer shorts, long underwear, or nothing.  Here are four ways your underwear can affect your HEALTH.   1.  Fertility.  You've probably heard that tighty-whities can affect a guy's sperm count.  And studies HAVE… Read More

[Friday Funny] The Price Is Right #Fail

January 16, 2015

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http://youtu.be/Don68UbcgiE Yesterday, the announcer on "The Price Is Right" . . . GEORGE GRAY . . . BIT IT while he was jogging on a treadmill that was a prize in a game called "Most Expensive". He was being goofy by jogging backwards, and it didn't quite work out for him.  He's okay though. Have… Read More

Five Food Myths You Probably Still Believe

January 13, 2015

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  Did you know the idea that coffee can stunt a kid's growth is actually a MYTH?  It can cause other problems, but there's no evidence it affects their height in any way.  Here are five more myths about food that most people think are true.   1.  Multigrain bread is good for you.  It… Read More

Three Weird Tricks to Help You Sleep Better

January 9, 2015

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  It takes about ten days to change your sleep schedule.  Meaning that if you wake up at the same time for ten days straight, your body will start doing it naturally . . . as long as you get enough sleep.  Here are three tricks that can help.   1.  Set a nighttime alarm. … Read More

Being a Radio Personality Is One of the Ten Most Stressful Jobs?

January 8, 2015

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There's more to being a radio personality than glamour, fame, and orgies on piles of money.  Maybe NOW you'll appreciate us . . .LOL According to a new study by CareerCast.com, "BROADCASTER" is the seventh most stressful job you can have.  They looked at 11 different kinds of job demands that evoke stress, both physical… Read More