The Top Things We Learned in 2014

December 30, 2014

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As we get ready to close out another year, we wanted to take a minute to look back and review what happened.  Here are The Top Things We Learned in 2014.

Ebola is a horrible, terrifying disease that you need to spend every waking hour worrying about, even though there’s almost no chance you’ll catch it and even if you do, you’ll probably survive.

“Ms. Doubtfire 2” definitely ain’t happening.

Emails from Sony are almost as easy to intercept as Jay Cutler.

If you’re near Russia, you’ll soon be part of Russia.

People will actually watch CNN when a plane disappears.

If you want to meet the president, just hop the White House fence.  It’s that easy.

If you like your doctor . . . tough luck.

Jennifer Lawrence really hates wearing clothes.

In the NFL, you can hit someone and get away with it.  But in NASCAR, you can KILL someone and get away with it.

If everyone would just take a second to dump a bucket of ice water on their head, ALS would vanish forever!

People will drop a small fortune on a new Apple product that’s essentially just a slightly bigger version of the old one, simply because there’s a “6” after the name.

People in Colorado REALLY like weed.

You can give away a U2 album for free, and people still think it costs too much.

Don’t drink anything Bill Cosby hands you.  Unless you’re down for anything.

If you’re a movie studio, there may be better ways to spend your money than waiting 20 years to do a sequel to a dated Jim Carrey movie that wasn’t that funny in the first place.

As a pro quarterback, Johnny Manziel comes up “short” on many levels.

Some Americans may have talent, but many more have diabetes.

Radio stations hated Pharrell’s song “Happy” and refused to ever play it.