The 18 Rudest Things People Do on Planes

December 10, 2014

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FULL STORY:  Expedia just released the results of yet another survey ranking the 18 rudest things people do on planes.  We’re surprised there were only 18.  I’ve sat next to plenty of people who do 18 rude things in the first five minutes.

Here are the results  . . .


1.  Kicking the seat in front of you . . . it was mentioned by 67% of us.


2.  Letting your kid be wild, loud, or out of control, 64%.


3.  Smelling bad, 56%.


4.  Talking loudly or playing music loudly, 51%.


5.  Getting too drunk, 50%.


6.  Constantly talking to the person next to you, even if it’s clear they want to be left alone, 43%.


7.  Bringing on giant carry-ons, 39%.


8.  Hogging the armrest, 38%.


9.  Reclining your seat, 37%.


10.  Pushing past people to get off the plane instead of waiting your turn, 35%.


11.  Putting your bag in the first overhead bin, instead of the spot over your seat, 32%.


12.  Bringing on food that smells, 32%.


13.  Grabbing the back of the seat in front of you, 31%.


14.  Reading or watching adult material, 30%.


15.  Being inappropriately affectionate with your significant other, 29%.


16.  Going to the bathroom several times when you have a window seat, 28%.


17.  Taking off your shoes and socks, 26%.


18.  Switching seats, 13%.


The survey also found 5% of Americans say they’ve gotten INTIMATE on a plane.  3% of Americans got intimate with their significant other . . . 2% did it with someone they met on the flight.



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