The Five Lamest Christmas Gifts

December 9, 2014

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A new survey asked 3,000 people for the lamest Christmas gifts they’ve ever gotten.  Most of them are fine as a secondary gift.  They just shouldn’t be the ONLY thing you give someone you’re close to.  Here are the top five.


1.  Cheap jewelry.  Obviously nice jewelry is different.


2.  Toiletries, including perfume or cologne.


3.  Socks or underwear.


4.  Clothing.


5.  Food, including chocolate.


There were also specific things people said they’ve gotten that are pretty lame.  Some of the weirdest ones were a toilet brush . . . used shoes . . . a shovel . . . clothespins . . . a barometer . . . an axe . . . and a tube of toothpaste.


Also, 10% of people admitted they’ve bought a last-minute gift at a gas station.