Dec 30

The Top Things We Learned in 2014




As we get ready to close out another year, we wanted to take a minute to look back and review what happened.  Here are The Top Things We Learned in 2014.

Ebola is a horrible, terrifying disease that you need to spend every waking hour worrying about, even though there’s almost no chance you’ll catch it and even if you do, you’ll probably survive.

“Ms. Doubtfire 2″ definitely ain’t happening.

Emails from Sony are almost as easy to intercept as Jay Cutler.

If you’re near Russia, you’ll soon be part of Russia.

People will actually watch CNN when a plane disappears.

If you want to meet the president, just hop the White House fence.  It’s that easy.

If you like your doctor . . . tough luck.

Jennifer Lawrence really hates wearing clothes.

In the NFL, you can hit someone and get away with it.  But in NASCAR, you can KILL someone and get away with it.

If everyone would just take a second to dump a bucket of ice water on their head, ALS would vanish forever!

People will drop a small fortune on a new Apple product that’s essentially just a slightly bigger version of the old one, simply because there’s a “6” after the name.

People in Colorado REALLY like weed.

You can give away a U2 album for free, and people still think it costs too much.

Don’t drink anything Bill Cosby hands you.  Unless you’re down for anything.

If you’re a movie studio, there may be better ways to spend your money than waiting 20 years to do a sequel to a dated Jim Carrey movie that wasn’t that funny in the first place.

As a pro quarterback, Johnny Manziel comes up “short” on many levels.

Some Americans may have talent, but many more have diabetes.

Radio stations hated Pharrell’s song “Happy” and refused to ever play it.



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Dec 22

90% of Your Co-workers Would Rather You Stay Home Than Come in Sick




Here’s how much your coworkers hate you when you’re sick . . . they’d rather do extra work than be in the same room with you. A new survey found 90% of people would prefer their sick coworkers stay home than tough it out and come in to work . . . even though in a lot of cases, that means you’ll have to do a little extra work to cover for them. The survey also found the eight most annoying things coworkers do when they come in sick . . .


1.  Not covering their mouth when they cough.


2.  Sniffling.


3.  Wiping their nose on their sleeve.


4.  Sneezing.


5.  Leaving used tissues around.


6.  Letting their nose run without using a tissue.


7.  Blowing their nose.


8.  Complaining about being sick.




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Dec 19

[New Music] Jasmine V ” I Love You Like Crazy”

San Jose native Jasmine V released a brand new single from her latest EP that garnered the smash hit ‘That’s Me Right There’ featuring Kendrick Lamar. The song and video ‘I Love You Like Crazy’ shows a very mature, sexy side of the songstress, all while showcasing her vocal talents. Twenty-one looks good on you Jasmine. Have a look!

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Dec 18

40% of Us Will Fake Being Happy When We Get Terrible Gifts




You’re probably going to get a few mediocre gifts this Christmas . . . the average person gets eight gifts and hates two of them.  So how are you going to handle it?

According to a new survey, 40% of us say . . . FAKE IT and pretend you like them.  Here are a few more results from the survey . . .

The average bad gift costs $68.

The three gifts men dread are ugly ties, ridiculous Christmas sweaters, and cartoon socks.

The three gifts women dread are diet books, tacky ornaments, and gift certificates for plastic surgery.

25% of people admit they’ve bought someone a gift that they knew the person probably wouldn’t like.

Meanwhile, check out this video of kids NOT faking how they feel about these horrible gifts.



(Daily Mail)

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Dec 17

Beyonce Releases “Yours And Mine” Short Film

Beyonce has the world at her fingertips. In the compelling release of her short film ‘Yours And Mine’,  she shares with the world her feelings and emotions about fame, growing up, feminism, motherhood, being in love and getting married. Check it out!

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Dec 16

The 25 Most Liked Celebrities of 2014



According to a new survey, the “most liked” celebrity of 2014 is a 77-year-old African American man.  And I know what you’re thinking . . . but no, it’s NOT Bill Cosby(???)  It’s Morgan Freeman. 1,100 people ages 13 to 49 were surveyed by E-Score . . . a consumer research service that provides information to media and entertainment companies.  It has nothing to do with Facebook “likes.”  Here’s the Top 25:


1.  Morgan Freeman


2.  Tom Hanks


3.  Sandra Bullock


4.  Betty White


5.  Will Smith


6.  Clint Eastwood


7.  Bruce Willis


8.  Julia Roberts


9.  Leonardo DiCaprio


10.  Jennifer Aniston


11.  Ben Stiller


12.  George Clooney


13.  Ellen DeGeneres


14.  Eddie Murphy


15.  Dolly Parton


16.  Nicolas Cage


17.  John Travolta


18.  Whoopi Goldberg


19.  Sylvester Stallone


20.  Taylor Swift


21.  David Letterman


22.  Oprah Winfrey


23.  Jay Leno


24.  Alec Baldwin


25.  Arnold Schwarzenegger



It’s interesting that this data was collected presumably for marketing purposes . . . and 19 of the 25 celebrities listed were at least 50 years old, including the Top Four.  So, they’re OLDER than the demographic that participated in the survey.

It seems like movies, TV shows, and commercials are always focusing on young stars to attract a younger audience . . . but of the 25 most liked celebrities by people ages 13 to 49, only ONE was younger than 40:  Taylor Swift, who’s 25. After that, the next youngest is Leonardo DiCaprio, and we’re all well aware of how he’s beloved by young people . . . particularly models, who like to ride on yachts.


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Dec 15

Someone Paid for $20,000 Worth of Layaway Items at Toys R Us



We’ve seen several stories like this the past few years.  And we hope we KEEP seeing them, because they never get old.

Last Wednesday afternoon, an unidentified woman walked into a Toys R Us in Bellingham, Massachusetts. (About 40 miles southwest of Boston.)

And she told one of the employees she wanted to pay for some layaway stuff.  But not for her . . . for EVERYONE who had things on layaway there.

After it was all said and done, she’d dropped 20 THOUSAND BUCKS to pay for more than 150 people’s layaway items.  The only thing we know about her is she’s an older woman who lives in the area.

It’s at least the second time this has happened in the last week-and-a-half.  Earlier this month, there was a story about someone who paid for $15,000 worth of layaway stuff at a Walmart in Ohio.

And according to a spokesperson, 597 layaway orders were anonymously paid for by people at Toys R Us stores across the country last Christmas.



(USA Today / Milford Daily News)


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Dec 12

14 Things You May Not Have Known About 2014’s Biggest Songs




Someone compiled a list of interesting facts about this year’s biggest singles . . . and here are the highlights:


1.  Beyoncé considered recording Meghan Trainor’s hit “All About That Bass”.

2.  The choir in the background of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is really just his voice layered 20 times.

3.  Charli XCX wrote “Boom Clap” for Hilary Duff but was told it wasn’t “cool enough” for her.

4.  The Ying Yang Twins recorded a verse for Ariana Grande’s song “Problem” before she insisted producers reach out to Iggy Azalea.

5.  Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora’s collaboration “Black Widow” was written by Katy Perry.

6.  While shooting the music video for Taylor Swift’s “Shake If Off”, producers played heavy metal music outside the soundstage to prevent anyone from hearing the song before its release.

7.  While the line “If you want, you can pet on my Harley” from Florida Georgia Line’s “Sun Daze” sounds dirty, it’s really a reference to Tyler Hubbard’s dog.  He has a golden retriever named Harley.

8.  With “Birthday”, Katy Perry wanted to write a song that sounded like ’90s Mariah Carey.

9.  Sia wrote “Chandelier” about her struggles with alcoholism.

10.  “Therapy” is one of four songs Sam Smith helped Mary J. Blige write.

11.  Taylor Swift became the first female artist to replace herself at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when “Blank Space” overtook “Shake It Off” for the top spot.

12.  Miranda Lambert bought Carrie Underwood a motorcycle as a thank you present for dueting on “Somethin’ Bad”.

13.  5 Seconds of Summer’s hit “Amnesia” was co-written by Benji and Joel Madden.

14.  Pitbull was featured on the album version of Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty” only to be replaced by Iggy Azalea on the single.


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Dec 11

#TBT Video Of The Day: Next “Too Close”

Too Close” is a song by R&B group Next, featuring uncredited vocals from Vee of Koffee Brown. It was released in September 1997 as the second single from their debut album Rated Next (1997). The song is about a man who has become aroused by a young woman who is grinding on his crotch at a club and cannot control the arousal. (“I feel a little poke coming through”, as well as “Now girl I know you felt it… You know what I wanna do”, and “You’re making it hard for me.”)

The song reached number one on the U.S. Hot 100 and R&B charts and has gone Platinum making it their biggest and best known hit. In the 1998 U.S. Billboard End-Year chart, the song reached number one. It contains a sample of “Christmas Rappin'” by Kurtis Blow. “Too Close” was a massive hit on Urban Contemporary radio stations by its fourth month of airplay in January 1998 and still the most played single by Next.

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Dec 10

The 18 Rudest Things People Do on Planes




FULL STORY:  Expedia just released the results of yet another survey ranking the 18 rudest things people do on planes.  We’re surprised there were only 18.  I’ve sat next to plenty of people who do 18 rude things in the first five minutes.

Here are the results  . . .


1.  Kicking the seat in front of you . . . it was mentioned by 67% of us.


2.  Letting your kid be wild, loud, or out of control, 64%.


3.  Smelling bad, 56%.


4.  Talking loudly or playing music loudly, 51%.


5.  Getting too drunk, 50%.


6.  Constantly talking to the person next to you, even if it’s clear they want to be left alone, 43%.


7.  Bringing on giant carry-ons, 39%.


8.  Hogging the armrest, 38%.


9.  Reclining your seat, 37%.


10.  Pushing past people to get off the plane instead of waiting your turn, 35%.


11.  Putting your bag in the first overhead bin, instead of the spot over your seat, 32%.


12.  Bringing on food that smells, 32%.


13.  Grabbing the back of the seat in front of you, 31%.


14.  Reading or watching adult material, 30%.


15.  Being inappropriately affectionate with your significant other, 29%.


16.  Going to the bathroom several times when you have a window seat, 28%.


17.  Taking off your shoes and socks, 26%.


18.  Switching seats, 13%.


The survey also found 5% of Americans say they’ve gotten INTIMATE on a plane.  3% of Americans got intimate with their significant other . . . 2% did it with someone they met on the flight.



(PR Newswire)

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